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WTF? Texas Group Offering “White Men Only” Scholarships



10 Responses to “WTF? Texas Group Offering “White Men Only” Scholarships”

  1. asian Says:

    I agree. I don’t see anything wrong with this.

  2. Cj Says:

    lol who cares like really theres scholarships for everything. all i see is that they are trying to help poor white people with a 3.0

  3. Chris B Says:

    what is wrong with this? i don’t get it.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    the black lday has a point though

  5. sean Says:


  6. Tay Tay Says:

    There’s nothing wrong with this???? The majority of poor people in this country are white.

  7. bobby Says:

    this is such a funny heading like whoever posted was outraged, lmfao. uve got minority scholarships for anything you could ask for this pops and, omg, and its for white people…. its funny runs inline with a joke that if there was a white history month or if there was a nwacp or instead of brown pride white people ran around going white pride would it be just as acceptable…. mmmmm nope

  8. bobby Says:

    april d ryon is an ignorant fat pig. b***h should start off by telling her son the truth africa traded there people as a currency for exchange

  9. KushLady Says:

    I am black N hispanic N I dont c a problem with this! Its their money! There’s black only scholarships so why not?! Stop making everything about race!!!! SMDH

  10. ninjnoise Says:

    f**k scholarships. black people talk to much s**t.

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