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Tekashi69 – Gummo

October 21, 2017


Rita Ora – Anywhere

October 20, 2017


Belly – Man Listen

October 19, 2017


Gucci Mane – Back On

October 19, 2017


Fresh Ft. Nyce Da Future – Light It Up

October 18, 2017

Ammo Arsenal – Warrior


Ammo Arsenal – Warrior

22 Responses to “Ammo Arsenal – Warrior”

  1. bk Gh0$t Says:

    7……Fux W!t*t it $@Lut3……7

  2. bezzleP Says:

    Who is this guy?? Where is this guy?? He dope As F**K! this song go stupid @$$ hard too. Hot a*s radio joint right here.

  3. queenz Says:

    This s**t go hard

  4. queenz Says:

    S**t go hard

  5. cityBO Says:

    Raw!…….. I ain’t never heard of him tho

  6. cityBO Says:

    Raw!…… I ain’t never heard of him tho

  7. johN_doë Says:

    Feeling this song. Where can I find this guys music? This is what the f**k im talking about some real LA s**t! Spider & 40 can’t f**k with this n***a. His sound is hard I don’t think game is fucken with him either

  8. johN_doë Says:

    That’s what the f**k im talking bout! Where can I find this guys music? Dude sound IS hard as f**k! This that real LA s**t! I don’t think spider or 40 can f**k with this n***a.. Game might have a slight chance but this n***a hard too

  9. JoEgunz Says:


  10. JoEgunz Says:

    Hottttt!! Throw this s**t on the radio/ And I can see a hard azz video fo this s**t wit mad bitches in it.

  11. waoh! Says:

    !!Homie got a strong voice! Raps dope, Somebody sign this boi. He need a record deal fosho! Tha n***a scream$$$$$$$$¡ nice market plan this n***a is

  12. waoh! Says:

    !!Homie got a strong voice! Raps dope, Somebody gotta sign this boy. This artist needs a hott record deal fosho! Good market plan$$$$$$¡ they just don’t make em like this anymore

  13. goddess*B***h Says:

    Real s**t

  14. goddess*B***h Says:

    Real s**t. Go so serious and s**t; im feeling thiz

  15. lizzy Says:

    This s**t super FLY!

  16. lizzy Says:

    This super FLY!” s**t I wanna warrior!!! LOL

  17. mizz lady Says:

    I’m feeling this its on some pac ish…..sign him asapppp

  18. M$.Tørrý Says:

    This shits a 100%! i use to listen to this n***a all thee time ..he from Compton! Alot of his older s**t on youtube.. If you looking for his music. Check into / how gangstaz do and all around war! That s**t fire! Remind me of some extra hardcore menace2society type s**t! Go to youtube he up on that

  19. lulu Says:

    Gangsta s**t!

  20. STAN Says:

    That’s Ammo for my Arsenal!

  21. STAN Says:

    Pretty hot track

  22. warrior126 Says:

    this song is monumental to the new era of hip hop everybody on the song plays there part perfectly good s**t bro! keep it comin! can’t wait to hear what else u got

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