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MC Eiht – Where U Goin 2 (Music Video)


MC Eiht – Where U Goin 2 (Music Video)

5 Responses to “MC Eiht – Where U Goin 2 (Music Video)”

  1. sb Says:

    Pure garbage. Dat old azz n***a washed up

  2. Anonymous Says:

    dat s**t iz hott dat n***a got madd lyrics dat n***a already took out jayz

  3. el segundo Says:

    im impress

  4. hoffizle Says:

    He wasn’t even that good back in the day. I’m from the Best Coast , and that s**t is washed up! Especially Compton. That s**t died with Eazy. RIP

  5. Anonymous Says:

    shut da fcuk up yu east coast d**k ryder

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