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October 20, 2017


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October 19, 2017


Gucci Mane – Back On

October 19, 2017

Epic Big Booty Fight: White Chicks Vs Black Chicks On The Streets In Los Angeles


haha POW!

14 Responses to “Epic Big Booty Fight: White Chicks Vs Black Chicks On The Streets In Los Angeles”

  1. 0_0 7 Says:

    wh0 $@!d @!nt n0 such th!ng @$ L@dy Thugs lol cR@zy

  2. Gizmo Says:

    When he smacked that bitches a*s that s**t was fuckin CLASSIC…I had tears in my eyes lmao.

  3. Qeada Says:

    hood ratz stand up to da three black bitches but if there was one more white b***h dem three would of got there food ate those white bicthes was going hard in the paint.

  4. maine Says:

    it goes to show y those bitches are single lmfao.
    no one won but one thing for sure is that big white girl head is f up i thought she dye her hair red lol

  5. Tiki Says:

    That’s some Crazy, crazy, crazy ish!!!

  6. Leo Says:

    lmfao..of course those white chicks were winning cux they were dudes. lol both of them look like men.. but it was hilarious when dat nugga smacked da gurl on da booty

  7. bigwoo Says:

    the best woman fight eva

  8. kushkid420 Says:

    dat Same Niggeh at tha End tryna get sum P***y n Shitt… Lol

  9. Curtis Jackson Says:

    I approve of this video. When fat bitches collide.

  10. supafreak Says:

    Man them black hos beat the s**t out of them white hos and them shots to the head with that high heel waz brutal

  11. realthugs Says:

    haha he smacked on her a*s classic lol
    but i really would f**k the hot black girl xD

  12. realthugs Says:

    thats why you need a gun

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Two of those black bitches couldnt fight for s**t

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Angell Cakes was fine had a nice big booty.

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