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Kendrick Lamar Interview With Devi Dev


Speaks On ‘Detox’ + Dr Dre & DJ Quik co-signs

2 Responses to “Kendrick Lamar Interview With Devi Dev”

  1. bezzleP Says:

    Detox has to be banging when it comes out its just too bad its going to miss some great Compton soldiers since this dre’s last album in all but 1 Compton rapper id like to see make the album is Ammo Arsenal! A dude who really went hard in the paint! This n***a didn’t just say what he did cus he lived what he said.. That’s a n***a who should be tracked down cus he the full package

  2. murvana Says:

    Call niggas are known for g rap.they g rap the best becuz they lived that k life

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