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Babi Mac – Proved That (Music Video)


Babi Mac

8 Responses to “Babi Mac – Proved That (Music Video)”

  1. ??????? Says:

    0_o7……K@$hRuLzZz uXw!t it $@Lut3……70_o

  2. Anonymous Says:

    50 should sign her think Dr Dre

  3. Tiki Says:

    That was cool.

  4. d. Says:

    ain’ t even gonna front-tha s**t made me do the head bounce thing. yeah she can spit – oo i’ m playing this again-and yeah, she will be big!!( flow and pronounciation at it best) listen u’ ll see. watch out now Parish Hilton lol

  5. whatever Says:

    i watched it for 42 seconds as i couldnt bare it anymore..

  6. woodside Says:


  7. jessie.S Says:

    sexxii better then nikki

  8. jessie.S Says:

    sexxii as hell and better then nikki deff.

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