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Soulja Boy – Swag Me Out (Music Video)


Soulja boy

4 Responses to “Soulja Boy – Swag Me Out (Music Video)”

  1. zboi Says:


  2. d. Says:

    shh ….IRs are watching-lol but seriously-respect your fans menn-and u will see tha 14000 album sell’ s s**t go up!! speaker going hammer was nice .

  3. Ms Blanco Says:

    Lil Kim Black Friday Mixtape in stores Feb 14th..Who the f**k want War?

  4. chill man Says:

    this dood is gay and wack can’r rhyme, all he talk n bout iz b.s. like what he got fuc tha shyt and 50 u down wit this dood. u promote b.s. 2. sellout foolz. r.b.g. 4 eva. murk n u sellout coonz, soon come.

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