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Big Boi – Get Wit It ft. Snoop Dogg

July 18, 2017


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July 18, 2017

Dying To Be Like Nicki Minaj: Aspiring UK Singer Dies After Botched Illegal Butt Enhancement Surgery In Philly Hotel [Video]


Police cleared one person on Thursday in the death of a British woman after a butt injection, but they may be looking for a fake transgender doctor in the case.

Detectives are looking for the person who administered the injections that led to the death of 20-year-old Claudia Aderotimi. Police did not say where they were searching for that person.

But Fox 29 News has learned that investigators searched Thursday a home in Ardmore, Montgomery County, believed to be that of the person who did the actual injections. They still haven’t been able to find that person yet.

Philadelphia police Lt. John Walker said investigators cleared a Bergen County, N.J., woman who helped arrange the procedures online but was not in a hotel room when Aderotimi and a friend received their injections.

Walker didn’t identify the New Jersey woman.

But the U.K. newspaper The Sun said she went by the name Big Butt Sasha online .

The Sun also said that the fake doctor is possibly a transgender, a man living as a woman – who injected silicone into Aderotimi.

Aderotimi, 20, was on her second trip to Philadelphia for the procedure.

Fox News says Aderotimi and one of her friends had previously traveled to Philadelphia last November to have their buttocks’ enhanced.

They had returned so Aderotimi could have a second buttocks enhancement, while the other woman had her hips augmented.

Aderotimi died on Monday after having a reaction to the silicone treatment.

Her sister Vivian told the London Evening Standard that the family is devastated.

“We just found out yesterday,” she told the newspaper. “We’re still in shock. We need to think about what we have to do.”

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    d@T cR@ZY….r!p $@Lu

  2. Bon Says:

    Britsh grlz re alwayz DUMB! R.I.P

  3. Tiki Says:

    That’s so sad. She could have been fine with really liking Nicki but just been herself with her own twist. Man oh man R.I.P.

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