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October 21, 2017


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October 20, 2017


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October 19, 2017


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October 19, 2017


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October 18, 2017

Tramp Ohio Gym Teacher Stacey Schuler Arrested For Having S*x W/5 Underage Football Players


I wonder if she has a tramp stamp on her back.

32-year old Ohio gym teacher Stacy Schuler has been indicted on 16 felony counts of sexual battery involving male students, mostly involving Mason High School football players.

An anonymous tip got an investigation started that revealed Schuler had s*x off campus with 5 male students on at least 5 occasions in 2010.

Schuler turned herself in last week, but is now free awaiting trial after posting bail. She must wear an electronic monitoring device, must stay away from those 18 and under, have no contact with alleged victims and can’t consume drugs and alcohol.

Overall, I think this is an embarrassment. Not only to Mason public education, but to the teaching profession in general.” Dr. Kevin Bright, Superintendent of Mason City Schools told Fox19.

Parents are angry that the teacher was placed on paid administrative leave until she resigned on Tuesday. Some even called for the school Superintendent to be fired.

Why was Schuler put on paid administrative leave?” said John Meyer. “Send a clear-cut message that you are fired. And Mr. Kevin Bright, you’re ten times more dangerous than a molester. Because it’s your policies that got us where we are, and it’s your policies that cost our kids their innocence. You ought to get out of Mason!”

7 Responses to “Tramp Ohio Gym Teacher Stacey Schuler Arrested For Having S*x W/5 Underage Football Players”

  1. E Says:

    Another hoe teacher! This aint nothin new!

  2. YoungAY Says:

    i had this teacher in high school man b***h had that p***y poppin always wanted to tear that s**t up but nikka was a youngn then in o4 now i move keyz f**k bad hoez pop vics sip on henny and get my d**k sucked by bad hookerz under them bright street lightz if only she could see me now b***h would be on my tip in no time

  3. Anonymous Says:

    ahhhh shut da fuk up wit dat s**t lool u kno they loved dat milf p***y cummon now dats every skool boyz fantasy!!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    damn!!! wher were da hoe teachers when i was in school

  5. Anonymous Says:

    ^^ lol i know right! i used to always fantasize about my teachers back in middle school lol but this b***h is ugly

  6. big time Says:

    niggas are just p***y .when i was in school i was trying to f**k my teachers.she took your kids what the f**k you old f**k you know you were fucking in high school.these niggas now a days is p***y!!!!

  7. lil shaun Says:

    this b***h is nasty fucking a student yous a fucking hoe b***h in baton rouge we dont do that nasty s**t hoe b***h thay sould give yo a*s the fucking hoe chairy y you lock down nasty b***h………………………….

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