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Juelz Santana ft. Lil Wayne – HomeRun (Official Video)


Juelz Santana ft. Lil Wayne – HomeRun (Official Video)

7 Responses to “Juelz Santana ft. Lil Wayne – HomeRun (Official Video)”

  1. RapHipHop Says:

    What shoes is Juelz wearin’ @01:34 – I know it’s Gucci – I’m not dumb but does anybody know where I can find them? I checked, but I cant find them

  2. ??????? Says:

    7……K!ngk@$h uXw!t it $@LuT3……7

  3. woodside Says:

    @RapHipHop u can get a better look at them @2:25 ..they ugly to me tho ..look like some new balance s**t

  4. Tiki Says:

    That was cool. Seeing the Bentley was the best part and that was a cute house. The video was cool. I didn’t see his Gucci shoes I have to look at the video again. He probably had them custom made.

  5. big south Says:

    this my s**t here this a good look props to my n***a santana and wayne

  6. Anonymous Says:

    To find the Gucci go to your nearest Gucci or Neiman Marcus

  7. Jazz Says:

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