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Mike Knox – Get On The Floor (Music Video)(Lots Of A*s Shaking Strip Club Action!!)


mike knox on the floor video new mixtape hosted by cosmic kev drops next week

14 Responses to “Mike Knox – Get On The Floor (Music Video)(Lots Of A*s Shaking Strip Club Action!!)”

  1. bawse Says:

    surprisingly good

  2. eddie Says:

    dope as can be… that’s a hit

  3. atanas Says:


  4. atanas Says:

    garbage a*s music

  5. tommy hill Says:

    straight trash, aint repping philly at all, got no jewels, got no street cred, plus a snitch

  6. gitbuzy Says:

    haha talking about jewels only thing hes wearing is his lil weddin ring, dis dude is straight trashhhh I cant believe 50 would actually sign this fat n***a to his label

  7. mastermind Says:

    must be a tax right of,f that strip club in in the basement of 50 house in conn. this dude is trash and 2 paid hoes damn homi you fucking with 50 cant get like five hoes at least

  8. jb Says:

    straight up TRASH

  9. biggrizzy Says:

    lol this n***a spending more time on his videos than his lyrics, seriously give up on rapping and give 50 his contract money back because you aint going no where n***a, you got fat bitches in your video, no jewels, so you obviously aint got no cars you rapping about, only thing this n***a driving is that invisible wheel hes whippin around in this song

  10. real n***a Says:

    yall talking all this hate but this n***a realer than all yall niggas and will make a movie out you if you say it to his face

  11. hasan Says:

    i agree they just hatin cause a n***a makin moves

  12. chasidy Says:

    4 real i hate haters

  13. tasha Says:

    hey way i pick dinsey is because it f**k in kinds they don’t need to no these langwhitgs

  14. tasha Says:

    f**k them right

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