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LOL: Justin Bieber Gets Booed At New York Knicks Game


Justin Bieber heard something last night (February 2) he hasn’t heard much of during his short career.

When his face was shown on the JumboTron at the New York Knicks vs Dallas Mavericks game, Knicks fans booed loud and long.

Bieber looked a little surprised, but there was also a young girl crying because she was sitting close to him, so his night wasn’t all bad,

4 Responses to “LOL: Justin Bieber Gets Booed At New York Knicks Game”

  1. Tiki Says:

    I know that hurt a little. They did that at a basketball game where mostly men are and older men at that! Come on now what did they really expect or what were they thinking? They have to do that kind of stuff where they know it is a lot of girls his age are at. At least he had that one girl there that made his night a little better.

  2. B.E.B. Says:

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  3. anonymous Says:

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  4. Anonymous Says:

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