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SNATCH DA SPOTLITE- ME [Music Video][User Submitted]



12 Responses to “SNATCH DA SPOTLITE- ME [Music Video][User Submitted]”

  1. hatboy5 Says:

    this is so trash!!!this clown got a yellow tee….this song has notin to it….garbage

  2. 0_o Says:

    7…….K@$hRuLzZz uX w!t it $@Lut3……7

  3. ma55comm Says:

    It be niggaz like this that wind up the hardest in ya area! I hope he step his game up tho! I am sure he has people depending on him. Don’t front support him!

  4. miss harlem Says:

    this is hotttt damn i luv the colors in the video

  5. night rider Says:

    @hatboy5 …lolll sounds like u hatin hard tell em why u mad…lol the video is hottt

  6. Anonymous Says:

    who eva hati on dub c f**k u dis s**t tuff f**k . hatboy5 come see me p***y

  7. murdascoop wc Says:

    @ who ever hating on wc music f**k you specialy hatboy5 and to ma55comm good lookin 4 da constructice critisim. look out 4 dat album master piece to

  8. ty stash Says:

    Dis shyt is Tufff

  9. Anonymous Says:

    M.EZ IS THE WORST FUCKING DIRECTOR EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. SNATCH Says:

    Thanks for all the hate and the love some people just don’t understand music grow up and when u do u will i been threw a lot so that’s why i made this song if it’s not for u don’t listen to it later hater

  11. SNATCH Says:

    we rushed this too by the way fire for ur ears i said 808 n heaartbreak was trash but I now live it watch what u say

  12. SNATCH Says:

    Big up 50 cent booboo tv for this

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