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Bow Wow – 6’7 Freestyle (Music Video)


Cash Money

12 Responses to “Bow Wow – 6’7 Freestyle (Music Video)”

  1. Tiki Says:

    That was good! I liked that.

  2. copo Says:

    lil bow tryin act hard

  3. GoonZSquad Says:

    This N***a Goes Hard, Bout Time…
    Cashmoney roster is beast with this dude

  4. RazB Says:

    I know you liked it up your a*s my lil n***a. Dont lie!

  5. Omarion Says:

    Raz B, shut up n***a that my dude right there, you #homothug

  6. CBrown Says:

    HAHAHAHA #homothug

  7. Anonymous Says:

    mann all yall niggas gay smfh

  8. lm tha macc Says:

    this n***a razb is a real weirdoooo. go somewhere fagg

  9. toker Says:

    why is he trying to be hard,did’nt he get raped by his limo driver?

  10. RUBEN Says:

    razb u fuckin faggot

  11. blaq Says:

    damn bow wow went hard on that s**t…..raz b kick rocks u lil h**o….you and ur gay a*s brotha

  12. loyal Says:

    He killed it !!!

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