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Hot Rod At Sundance Performing “Dance With Me” Live With Lea


Check out this performance from Hot Rod & Lea at Sundance.

Purchase “Dance With Me” on iTunes.­single/id409907210

4 Responses to “Hot Rod At Sundance Performing “Dance With Me” Live With Lea”

  1. ??????? Says:

    7……K@$hRuLzZz uX w!t it $@Lut3……7

  2. Tiki Says:

    That was cool. It seems like everybody had a good time.

  3. mspaap2u Says:

    Nice song by Hot Rod and Lea and a very smart business move by 50 Cent.

    Marketed well with a good video this one will be a hit.

  4. mspaap2u Says:

    I wrote this poem after watching 50 Cents movie (c)

    Perpetrating niggahs heed the words that I say
    I’m 50 Cent
    Not even try to Play
    Shot nine times but I survived
    Hater’s thought I died

    Wealth, Health Players Stealth
    Too rich to steal
    Will I kill ?
    Gotta be Real

    Hidden messages in words I say
    In the tracks that I lay

    Keeping drama away
    Got ends to last me the rest of my days

    Real hustler’s get paid
    True niggahs battle on stage

    Too sensitive,
    Get Played

    True homie’s watch my back
    Sometimes it’s like that

    Don’t even try to faze me niggah
    Music finger on keys that triggah

    Spitting beats
    I turn up the heat

    Popo pull over another white sheet

    A fake niggahs raps is wack
    Cuz they’re scared to spit back

    50 Cents, home grown from the hood
    I’ll battle the best and it’s’s all good

    Foe or friend
    True gangsta’s know where 50 cents been

    Man, F that,
    Its about where I’m at ?
    In the studio clocking beats, making rhymes

    Stabbed and shot nine times
    Still true to what I do,

    Just a fact
    Momma died selling crack

    Some succeed
    Other’s Bleed

    Life’s a test
    Bullet proof vest

    Homies locked up or dead
    It’s like I said

    Too many in the hood dying
    Parents Crying

    Shyts wack
    50 Cents Back
    You know where I’m at,

    In the studio turning up the heat
    Spitting rhymes
    Making beats

    50 Cents not a fake niggah
    Playing gangster in a studio

    I spit what I live and live what I know

    Cavados or Loked
    50 Cents not even trying to be broke

    Trying to hang with 50 cents and battle
    Weak spitter’s choke and their squeaky azz voices rattle

    Not even fifties rival
    In the hood gangsta and pimps are heroes and idols

    Trick Niggha
    Spit niggah

    To deal with me, break through my security
    Ms. Smith and Mr. Wesson is hear to teach you a lesson

    Do I pack guns?
    It’s like that Son,

    To my boyz
    F all that noise

    Black, Packed , Stacked with muscle
    50 Cents got a legal hustle

    Beefs don’t end when someone is dead
    We can settle this on stage
    Unless you’re scared

    After we rap
    The best will have won
    Then we have no beef
    Are you down for this Son?

    Civil rights turned on the lights
    Man, this s**t is tight, right

    Sometimes we can compromise before someone dies

    Written by D.R.R . OKC
    All Rights Reserved © January 2006

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