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Crazy Shootout In Detroit: Gunman Enters Detroit Police Station, Shooting 4 Cops Before Being Killed


Detroit police have released incredible footage of a gun battle that took place inside a precinct Sunday (January 23), between Lamar Moore and police.

The gun battle started when the 38-year old Moore, armed with a 20-gauge shotgun walked into the Northwestern District station and started dumping shots at cops for no apparent reason.

Police officers return fire, fatally wounding Moore, but not before he managed to shoot four of them.

In the video below which is shown from two different angles, you will see Moore calmly walk in before the shooting starts. At one point during the gun battle he jumps over the police desk as he andCmdr. Brian Davis shoot at each other at point blank range.

Lamar Moore

After Davis is shot in the hand and back, he throws a trash can at Moore who is already mortally wounded.  He can be seen slumping to the floor as the trash can bounces over a desk.
The four wounded officers survived and are recovering.

So far police haven’t discovered a motive for why Moore went on the shooting rampage.

11 Responses to “Crazy Shootout In Detroit: Gunman Enters Detroit Police Station, Shooting 4 Cops Before Being Killed”

  1. B.E.B. Says:

    That was crazy. I wonder why this guy went at them like that. Could be a number of things. Either he was upset at them for not doing enough or this guy was on something. Whatever the reason that s**t was still crazy….

  2. 718-315 Says:

    if he really wanted to accomplish his mission he should have properly prepare himself with body armour and went in with a chopper or something with a large magazine not a fucking shotgun that a one body treatment to leave a football team require talent in which homie lack but i got to respect his heart maybe some of them deserve it and maybe they dont but damn he had the drop on them if he had a better weapon there would have been casualties instead of injuries im no anthrapologist so i dont give afuck what he was thinking i wish he would have put some better thought and planning to it i know i would have and it must be scary for police nowadays but if you respect ppl then they most likely you wont be gasping for your last breath while someone like me stand over you waiting for your eyes to roll in the back of your head my d**k starting to get hard just thinking about it

  3. Anonymous Says:

    manchurian candidate that wasnt him…so know we got 2 people 1 white dude jarred 2. black dude lamar next up a mexican…so far these r people who work 4 the government that got killed or shot at. my list of what could be next station 3. prez or v.prez an it could be 1’s of a company 4. a big time mayor 5. an or sum else from the government.. or a entertainer

  4. Anonymous Says:

    that tight kill them fuckin pigs

  5. Anonymous Says:

    ol buddie was mos def on some hard s**t….that n***a thought he was a super hero leapin ova desk and s**t…ctfu

  6. Anonymous Says:

    man plz!! white ppl r the #1 rape in america. go fu** ur self. Dont get me wrong dou. dey should hang dat nikka 4 raping dou.. hate rapers

  7. Anonymous Says:

    homeboy was a crazy dude but i know money had real thoughts on his mind see those cops might have been innocent but we know that most cops will dirty whoever an get off work like nothin never happen so who knows why money did him

  8. Anonymous Says:

    It seems to me that man was a n****r.

  9. unreall Says:

    and you wonder why white people are all racist….after reading these comments…..”fukk the police” pshh more like fukk you idiots who break the laws then blame everyone else for you being a dumbass

  10. AJ Says:

    Police Officer is a JOB, nothing more. Yes, there are bad cops but there are bad in every field and profession, because there are just plain ole’ bad people. No they didn’t deserve that, no one deserves something like that. Can you imagine the fear that must have consumed them? Can you imagine how the thoughts of their husbands/wives, children, mother’s and father’s just flashed before their eyes. How they envisioned their own funerals in that short period of time? Nah, I would definitely disagree, no one deserves something like that, not ever. It is unfortunate with how ignored mental disease is in these times. The gunman clearly suffered with mental illness. This is just not something your average sane person would do.

  11. Says:

    He jumped over the desk on some Bruce Willis in Die Hard s**t!

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