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SMH: Goons Film Themselves Beating Up & Robbing 2 Victims In Richmond, Virginia


Richmond Police are using a YouTube video of a brutal beating and robbery in the City to help look for suspects.

The video shows two suspects beating two victims in the 1700 block of East Cary Street on January 21. The YouTube video title claims a racial slur started the altercation, something police have not been able to confirm.

After the beating, the suspects stole one of the victim’s wallet, police said.


33 Responses to “SMH: Goons Film Themselves Beating Up & Robbing 2 Victims In Richmond, Virginia”

  1. DAVE CROSS Says:

    niggaz is getting dumber and dumber by the minute strait snitching them self out how you do a crime on video that the most retarded move anyone could do when these dumbasses get caught they deserve all the time they get



  3. Gangsters move in silence Says:

    These are some bich a*s cats fuckin goonets . Go make some real paper oh I forgot yall h**o thuggin wont let you be your own man and get money. I wont say s**t else about these pussies.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    instead of doing these types of s**t put the same force on the books and get a degree. porch monkeys

  5. NC Says:

    Homeboy was whooping that one cat until his homies jumped in like pussies.

  6. JERZZZ Says:

    That s**t aint goon s**t, Thats the get indicted hotline type s**t. What kinda dummie films themselves commiting crimes? Its like you niggas is just begging to get locked up

  7. MindYourOwnBitch Says:

    Black people CANT fight 1vs1 period. It always have to be all on one odds is that they gonna win cuz they PUSSIES man. I bet the white dudes would have beat at least one of them if they fought fair. And then they asking WHY white people are RACIST still. B***H please.

  8. abiiiba Says:

    fuckin weak niggaz callin theirselfs gangs …

  9. yunny Says:

    I wish the guy get attacked had a glock 19 with a 30 round clip .

  10. Tiki Says:

    That’s just a damn shame! Some people must think larger and elevate themselves in positive ways.

  11. funkymonkey Says:


  12. 13 Says:

    yeaaaa thats right bitches!!!! thats how we doo yeaaa you got to make him tap out

  13. Anonymous Says:

    them niggas need to be shot……but it doesnt deter from the fact that that type of s**t was done to black fold for decades upon decade….thousands upon thousands of cases that went unpunished…nobody did s**t…Emmit Till was just case they sensationalized…but this s**t happened to black folk ALL THE TIME, and at the end we were sometimes hung…but these punk coward no heart faggot muphukas need to DIE doing that s**t to somebodies child

  14. ignoranceISAbliss Says:

    that was so uncalled for! How come they think they gotta show how mucha of a man they are when they JUMP 2 men that aint do s**t to them…they didnt have to do them like that…..your not a man if you got to jump someone or shoot someone

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Yo I know ya’ll niggaz that did this s**t is reading the responses and I feel white boy was wiping your a*s boy. I be in Richmond all the time and wish these niggaz tried the s**t on me and it would be 5 dead niggaz. Pusssies

  16. blackking Says:

    these b***h made cowards giving black men a worst name, for the record real niggas don’t pick o harmless people…i hope these faggots get shot in the face

  17. twaan money Says:

    only in america smh some p***y a*s fight and da n***a was making his own sound affects with every punch um um um uuuuum and day snitchin on dem selv wid dis vid smh tut tut s**t like dat dnt happen in england

  18. 13 Says:

    all you niggaz is pussies fuk yuuuuuuuuuuuu stomp everybody

  19. scrooge loc Says:

    real niggas do real things…yall niggas is fake faggot a*s niggas….I wish one ah yall f*g a*s niggas would try dat wit me!!!…Imma real live hood n***a the out come would have been way different….gunshots n***a!!!….I aint no harmless whiteboy!!!!

  20. DUTCH Says:

    If you see any of these niggas out on the street please shoot on sight. Those were just some b***h made a*s niggas. I’d like to find them and bleed them real quick and real quiet and leave em’ there.

  21. illuminatti Says:

    thats was down right retarded and you pussies didn”t prove anything except that your boy that was acting all brave walking behind the white guy was getting his a*s handed to him b4 his friends had to help him. I’m a black male and that was some cowardly s**t, f**k Richmond come to DC and pull that move!!

  22. Burnz Says:

    P***y A*S Bitches think there tough how many of them to get two guys

  23. Burnz Says:

    they Are makin Richmond, Virginia niggas look like a bunch of puss

  24. Burnz Says:

    fuckin cum sponges

  25. Burnz Says:

    ya i said it

  26. Anonymous Says:

    this wasnt kool at all. they all lames fot that. home boy was gettin his a*s whooped too. if those boys had just as many ppl wit em probably woulda been a different story

  27. richmond boy Says:

    i dont agree wit dat hoe s**t neither but but illuminatti wack for dat richmond comment naaw u come to richmond i fucks wit d.c. niggas but u probably from georgetown u stanky leg wanna be gangsta in you white racist bitches thats y yall still getting yall a*s beat cuz yall do s**t like talk tuff on the net.

  28. 315-718 gangsta Says:

    i for one woukld like to say to the racist comments left on this video eat a d**k!! yes what being done to these fellas is cowardly and wack so my assumption is that these are young dumb attention seeking crying when they get lock up wanksta trying to immulate the 2goonz who i have to give a lil prop to but i think they are dumb also i mean what happen to real bad boyz move in silent and prey on other real gangsta i for one cant feel good about cleaning someone clock or wraping them up like a mummy or in extreme measure giving god a side lateral unless they play just like me.

  29. great 1 Says:

    lmgdao hell yea niggas we ride all day like a fun pass!!!

  30. Anonymous Says:

    i live in richmond,va and half these niggas wanna ACT like they some goons for real and dont know s**t. These pussies was in fuckin college town fuckin wit a white boy. who does that s**t. Im originally from queens, but rep the whole ny all day son. drop these lil punks off on redfern, bushwick, in bed stuy or any other real pj’z and i bet these punks will be on the first train back to richmond.

  31. the real 50cent Says:


  32. Zonique30 Says:

    I would never go to Richmond after seen this!!! If thats what they do.. What a town not a nice place to visit and you would not wont to live their!!

  33. BKAE Says:


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