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October 21, 2017


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October 20, 2017


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October 19, 2017


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October 19, 2017


Fresh Ft. Nyce Da Future – Light It Up

October 18, 2017

Damn! Chick Gets Knocked Out By Dude



24 Responses to “Damn! Chick Gets Knocked Out By Dude”

  1. Tiki Says:

    Damn why was she following after him like a crack head or something?! What was she going to do anyway?! That was crazy!

  2. BKBOOGER Says:


  3. Anonymous Says:


  4. ignoranceISAbliss Says:

    lmao New york gets it in….they be beatin up females Left and right but some do be askin for it…just sayin

  5. Joe Says:

    Yo that’s so gangster… let’s go beat up some girl scouts next!

    Bunch of p***y a*s niggas.

  6. HogHeadCheese Says:

    I think it’s wrong for guys to hit girls. With that said… I don’t think it’s right for girls to hit guys and this video proves my point.

  7. D.K Says:

    Brooklyn Baby!!! We gets it in– Flatbush stand up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. ThatBayAreaChick!!! Says:

    yall sum p***y a*s niggas forreal…a b***h could talk mad head all she wants..but no man….wait no n***a should put hands a on a female! dude needs his a*s whooped for that! ol girl couldnt have touched his poor lil feelings that bad!!! and if the b***h did walk the f**k away and dont f**k wit the b***h anymore simple as that!!

  9. YOUNG S-K Says:

    TO THE BAY AREA CHICK watch the video again!!!!!!! She was following him around tring to hit him and she got what was coming to her dumbass. Now I dont believe you should just walk up and Ike Turner a b***h BUT If a b***h is tring to harm me! Then what let her punch me because she mad GET THE F**K OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!!!! When you disrespect a person just be ready for what comes with it!!!!!!!!

  10. joey black Says:

    Newport should be paying for all that advertising… get that money boo, boo tv

  11. dease nutts Says:

    fuk that b***h !!!!!!!!!

  12. Kanye West Says:

    I suck d**k *auto tune voice* I suuuckkk diiiickkkk Cause Im a gay fish!!

  13. DETROIT 187 Says:

    f**k yeah after that s**t i would have fucked her and jizzed in her p***y till she wake up

  14. cee cee Says:

    now y da hell she gne do dat dats y she got her azzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz nocked out she need to stop acted lke she can fight

  15. oooh woo woo Says:

    And HOW U GONNA TRY 2 be “DIFFERENT” from WORLD STAR & u pumpin the SAME NE.GA.TI.VE. s**t as them?

    word 2 the wise: DON’T BE LIKE THEM…

  16. Taylorgang Says:

    daaaaaaaaammm b***h got fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkedd upp

  17. woodside Says:

    yall playing old wshh videos now?? LOL

  18. Anonymous Says:

    I’ve never condoned hitting women but women take it for granted that no dude will hit them just cause they a chick. Ladies, understand not every dude lives by the code of “I would never put my hands on a woman”. Therefore, watch what you say and watch what u do with these dudes. Be careful casue if u tryna fight yo dude, he just might fight you back.

  19. LMTV13 Says:

    see… thats what she get!

  20. Anonymous Says:

    thats old this happen like in the summer or fall of ’10

  21. Let's be real Says:

    It’s like this, advocating some s**t like this is what is wrong with black america today. The same young african americans in this video are the ones complaining about not being able to get anywhere in life. We are killing each other and people are putting our ignorance out there for the intertainment of others. Both parties should be ashamed of themselves, the dude and the girl. If all you ever want people to see is you fighting on street corners like animals, that is what america will continue to treat us like. Its black people like those ignorant asses that give the rest of us trying to do something with our lives a bad fuckin name. That s**t has disappointed the f**k out of me. Shame shame shame.

  22. Zonique30 Says:

    What a man right lady’s!!! I took his pic and put it up as the A#*hole of the Week…

  23. street gitt Says:


  24. Dub Says:

    He Knock th newports out of Laren Hill

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