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Bow Wow – Body Bag (Music Video)


Street Single “Body Bag” Off F**k Your Top 5 Mixtape Hosted by DJ Drama

10 Responses to “Bow Wow – Body Bag (Music Video)”

  1. outkasts Says:

    Trash………………..too little to be hard.Stuff his lil a*s in rubber!A body bag would be too large!LOL

  2. cypha Says:

    Big Bank Bow u heard him, he killing these dudes bow wow been out for 20 yrs n counting. Keep doing ya thing ya heard. Big Bank Bow gotta luv dis dude.

  3. bogo Says:


  4. c-mane Says:

    Bow did his thing!!!!!!!!

  5. copo Says:

    harder then a b***h, i stay hard like strap ons, dis n***a talkin s**t never bust a cap gun.

  6. zboi Says:

    Damn…he is on a downward whirl sad…

  7. lafemnakita Says:


  8. Anonymous Says:

    what is bow wow to do maine.what is a little n***a to do.he don’t rap like that he chamillionaire.get money niggas!

  9. yaboy Says:

    he killed it

  10. jusza girl Says:

    at the rate hes going, were gonna see this n***a on crack or in a “BODY BAG”!

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