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Female Rapper G. Blanco Reppin NYC Spits Dope Freestyle (User Submitted)


this chick’s got bars

8 Responses to “Female Rapper G. Blanco Reppin NYC Spits Dope Freestyle (User Submitted)”

  1. ??????? Says:

    7……$h@wty g0t b@RzZz dR.R!tL3R uX w!t it 7g$@Lut3……7

  2. Anonymous Says:

    shawty a ill spitter BUT she sounds like a man!!! not cute

  3. Blynt186 Says:


  4. doedi pay Says:

    B***h Biggie.Get money girlie!

  5. J@$min Says:

    Thats wats up thats my Girl Klee. U keep doing what u do boo u will get to the top. And take the Haters with u. Cuz they need something to do. And for the Bird Bitches above me popping s**t about my girl come holla at me. We puts in WORK!!!!

  6. Skyy Says:

    My Main G.Blanco. They don’t even kno wats comin. LETSSSS GOOOOOOO its 2K11. Maniax Muzik is given em something new. Follow my nig G.Blanco @Gblancomuzik, Follow Maniax Muzik @ManiaxMuzik, Follow the Producer with the BEST Beats (He’s a BEAST on the boards) @Drollic1 and Skyy the Pres. @LetMEmanajYA

  7. RealRecognizeReal Says:

    Yo, Shawty Needs To Get Signed!!!! I’ve Heard NO RECENT Up & Coming Female Artist Release Such HEAT Before, So Lyrically Inclined, She’s Giving Half These Dudes A Run For Their Money!!! Im A Fan! Continue To Do Your Thing!

  8. Trey Starz Says:

    this chick is niiiiice

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