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Young Gliss – Death To Wack Rappers (Music Video)(User Submitted)


Philadelphia Indie Artist ‘Young GLisS’ presents Death To All WacK Rappers, Dealing Wit The Pressure II..Coming Soon.

Shot by Somethin’Lite Captured by 7D

12 Responses to “Young Gliss – Death To Wack Rappers (Music Video)(User Submitted)”

  1. EBUNIX Says:


  2. HipHop101 Says:

    This s**t is fire philly stand up

  3. oodboi Says:

    n***a ur 100% trash and u wishing death on urself…. kill ur self u bumb a*s nucca wit ur nursery rhymes u might as well do comedy and just use jay z voice cuz dats all u got uherb ot da big a*s niga driving cuz he rened da joint ugly a*s

  4. KILL KILL Says:

    Dope video keep doing your thing

  5. WTS Says:

    He killed this s**t death to wack rappers

  6. adam Says:

    This has a nice groove to it i f**k with it

  7. bangC Says:

    oodboi #3 f**k u you a hattin a*s p***y come to philly talkin that corny s**t cuz i hate haters keyboard thuggin u p***y

  8. K@$hRuLzZz $@Lut3......7 Says:

    uX w!t it

  9. C.J. Says:

    this was pretty good i usually glance but i played the whole thing

  10. Curtis Jackson Says:

    Why niggas still fakin it though, acting like they got money… or even credit for that matter. This type of s**t needs to stop. Sounds good though. -50

  11. Jayz Says:

    he never said he had money know where in the song he said picture me rolling

  12. Anonymous Says:

    fucking wack

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