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TopBananas – Waiting For My Time To Come (Music Video)(User Submitted)


Directed, Shot, & Cut by Conor Simpson & Peter Castagnetti
Produced by Conor Simpson & Brandon Perkins

Presented by – an online diginovel like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Written & Created by Brandon Perkins (former Senior Editor of Urb Magazine).

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6 Responses to “TopBananas – Waiting For My Time To Come (Music Video)(User Submitted)”

  1. mR R!DdL3$......7 -_- Says:

    dR.Kut thR0@t uX w!t it $@Lu……7

  2. Tiki Says:

    That was cool it’s very rel8table. Although I like what I do career wise but I want to start playing more with my hobbies when I really get a chance.

  3. Blizzy Baxter Says:

    THIS IS TRUE MUSIC & ART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SICK SONG….. SICK VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. spillproof Says:

    man real song real video……. its blow time!!!!

  5. pooks Says:

    love the new song and the video as well keep bringing out the good music

  6. Gus Says:

    Finally something that doesnt talk about women, money and cars! Something i can actually listen to…this is REAL music…

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