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Nitty Scott MC Interview With BlowHipHopTV + Freestyle


She speaks on where she got her start and where her career in head

8 Responses to “Nitty Scott MC Interview With BlowHipHopTV + Freestyle”

  1. outkasts Says:

    She got that Digable Planets style?Young heads may not know them?

  2. dat_guy Says:

    a n***a like 50 should sign her

  3. wickwickwack Says:

    she´s cute and skilled

  4. Anonymous Says:

    very smart young lady i wish her the best

  5. Curtis Jackson Says:

    Lets be honest, nobody wants to listen to a female “mc”. period. b***h, s**t ya trap and bust that thang open, thats how you will make it. -50

  6. K@$hRuLzZz $@Lut3......7 Says:

    uX w!t it

  7. future calab Says:

    epw mr R!dDL3$ h!nt h!nt

  8. Anonymous Says:

    if 50 signed her hed make her a fucking star

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