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Look At This Foolishness: Octomom Spanking & Bottle Feeding A Grown A*s Man



6 Responses to “Look At This Foolishness: Octomom Spanking & Bottle Feeding A Grown A*s Man”

  1. Tiki Says:

    That girl is trippin! How many kids does she have? I don’t know if I could keep up with all of them! I’m an only child on my moms side and I love big families too, but I never wanted to have no 10 or more kids to make up for that! I did have my cousin and we grew up like sisters until my aunt moved. That’s a nightmare! You can’t be there for all of those kids the way they need. Someone is going to feel neglected, not loved, left out, etc. I guess it was meant for them to be here they are here now but that is crazy! It’s just too overwhelming to have all of those young kids at the same time! I hope she’s finished having babies for real. I wouldn’t have even made that video.

  2. anonymous Says:

    This is just sad to me. It says alot in this country when a woman can have all those kids (reguardless if she wanted them or not, theyre here) and she gotta do s**t like this just to survive. Meanwhile, our country funds all kinds of bullshit for terrorists. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!

    Not for nothing, but that muthafuckin grown a*s man in this video needs his a*s whooped!

  3. nms Says:

    She has body, working out or plastic surgery. I don’t really gamble but it’s safe to say she don’t have any walls after all them babies. With all that being said I’d like to find out…………

  4. Tru2DGame Says:

    This chick is a NOBODY….

  5. PHUKwutUthink Says:

    Tha chick is your tax dollars at work. LOL

  6. halfcubanwhitegirl Says:

    aw cmon, quit being such moody african americans and laugh a little, this was actually kinda funny, and she looks hott in her corset! lol!

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