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CyHi The Prynce – Legend

March 22, 2017


Lecrae – Blessings ft. Ty Dolla $ign

March 22, 2017

WTF? Dad Tries To Toughen Young Son Up By Making Him Punch Himself In The Balls!

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this b*****d needs a foot in the a*s

7 Responses to “WTF? Dad Tries To Toughen Young Son Up By Making Him Punch Himself In The Balls!”

  1. C.J. Says:

    that’s pretty fucked up but if he keep it up guess he’ll be a hell of an mma fighter he can let people punch him til they tire themselves out lol

  2. StreetStrider Says:

  3. Tiki Says:

    Where is his mama at so she can save her baby from his idiot father?! I know there are other ways to teach a young boy how to be a man! He keep doing that he might have problems later in life if he want some babies. Lucky his little body is not mature enough for that yet so that’s good.

  4. Tiki Says:

    I meant I know there are other ways to toughen up the little man other than making him punch himself in his head and in his lil balls. Poor baby and he’s just going along with everything because that’s his daddy and that’s what kids do when they are that age listen and do everything that they are told to do because they don’t know any better.

  5. tbilla from drexside Says:

    yall trippin that aint s**t go check out the little gay boy who like to where dresses aND I BET WHEN HE GET OLDER HE WILL HONOR HIS FATHER FOR WHAT HE IS DOIN

  6. Anonymous Says:

    stupid russians

  7. whiteboy Says:

    atleast he is toughning up. u n***a have little gay boys thats want to dress up. ATL IS GAY!

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