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Lloyd Banks Feat. Jeremih – I Don’t Deserve You [Behind The Scenes]


Behind the scenes of Lloyd Banks’s new video and single “I Don’t Deserve You” featuring Jeremih off of Banks new album ‘The Hunger For More 2’

Cop it from iTunes, Best Buy, Target, Itunes, Walmart, f.y.e and all other retail outlets, links below.–2–The-Hunger-For-More–Music_stcVVproductId119641201VVcatId458211VVviewprod.htm

5 Responses to “Lloyd Banks Feat. Jeremih – I Don’t Deserve You [Behind The Scenes]”

  1. Tiki Says:

    That was cool, I can’t wait to see the finished video.

  2. Tiki Says:

    50 was looking SEXY-FINE FINE FINE and so funny too! Nice!

  3. big south Says:

    thats a good look

  4. Anonymous Says:

    vcs são foda

  5. kendra Says:

    man i wouldn,t mind listening to that 50 cent act silly cause i act the same way everytime i get the chance….and i love that video cause i enjoy watching his rap flow cause it,s out of sight…

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