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Bow Wow Feat Soulja Boy – Get Money (Music Video)


Bow Wow Feat Soulja Boy – Get Money (Music Video)

6 Responses to “Bow Wow Feat Soulja Boy – Get Money (Music Video)”

  1. Yves G Seguin Says:


  2. Tiki Says:

    I like that, that was cool. I’m not hatin at all! I’m here to congratulate! Hell yeah do yal thing and make that money. That’s the way you supposed to live if you got it like that. You only live once and you can’t take it with you. Young SOD is doing it!

  3. C.J. Says:

    only negative thing i have to say is how is it called big money and the video look cheap as hell

  4. wavey ooowww Says:

    i agree with C.J lol cheap niggas

  5. K@$hRuLzZz $@Lu......7 Says:

    dR.Kut thR0@t uX w!t it $@Lu……7

  6. mR R!DdL3$......7 -_- Says:

    hoLy chee$e $t@k3 d!d U h3r3 w@t eye h3@rD b@TM@N ? 0_o ?

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