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Young Money’s Gudda Gudda Gets Chain Snatched During Concert In Minnesota



6 Responses to “Young Money’s Gudda Gudda Gets Chain Snatched During Concert In Minnesota”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    look at his face when it get took that s**t look funny

  2. Incognito Says:

    He’s a damn fool for bending over in the crowd with that s**t on anyway. That nigg@ deserved to have that happen.

    For everyone not interested in watching all this wack a*s s**t it happens around the 4:55 mark.

  3. Hoffizile Says:

    That fools chain wasn’t even that big. He should of done the old school “hand off” to the homie in the crowd. That way, even if he got caught. He wouldn’t have s**t on him!

  4. Jalissa Says:

    ahahaha my brother perform there. I was there lol. Everyone wasn’t even there like that.

  5. akahotlava Says:

    gudda gudda chain snatcher update….search on google and watch the 2 videos!!!…Its Legit and its been approved 100%….n look up the video with the dialogue u can here the goon pottin a scheme on gudda..LOL

  6. akahotlava Says:

    u see the chain snatcher on this video around the 4:55 ish mark in the red hat grey sweater…and on my other video u see the chain snatcher on stage rockin with a local group gmf that supposely took there chain

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