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September 22, 2017


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September 21, 2017


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September 21, 2017

J. Cole Recalls Creating A Beat In Tribute To Aaliyah


Roc Nation rapper was a huge fan of singer/actress Aaliyah when he was younger.  He recalls being so devastated by her death that he wanted to make a beat in her honor.

“I had such a crush on Aaliyah… It was like a little boy crush but it was a true crush.” he says.  “And when she died I remember I called my mentor up like, ‘Yo you think it would be corny if I made a beat and I called it Aaliyah?’  That was my way of paying respect in my own little world.

Aaliyah died at age 22 in a plane crash August 25, 2001, but thanks to her great music and fans like J Cole she will never be forgotten

2 Responses to “J. Cole Recalls Creating A Beat In Tribute To Aaliyah”

  1. Tiki Says:

    Yeah Aaliyah she was so cool, real and down to earth. She will never be forgotten. At one point I use to say since I love that name so much if I had a baby girl that name would be in there somewhere. When I heard about the plane crash of course you don’t really believe it but then reality hit when everything is confirmed and you actually see the horse drawn carriage carrying her body. Life is short, everybody just need to thank God everyday that he wakes us up to live another day and just be grateful. R.I.P. Aaliyah

  2. mR R!DdL3$......7 -_- Says:

    dR.Kut thR0@t uX w!t it $@Lu……7

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