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September 20, 2017


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September 16, 2017


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September 16, 2017


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September 15, 2017

Police Desperately Searching For Missing North Carolina 16 Yr Old Honor Student Phylicia Simone Barnes Who Went Missing In Baltimore

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The search continues for Phylicia Simone Barnes, a star high school student from North Carolina who went missing in Baltimore last week. The 16-year-old honor student from Monroe, N.C., was visiting her half-sister when she disappeared three days after Christmas.

Phylicia was last heard from Dec.28 via Facebook when she posted a note saying she was at her sister’s apartment with her sister’s boyfriend. The 5 foot 8 inch straight-A, African-American student has been missing ever since.

“I was going to turn this city upside down to find my child, and I was going to leave no stone unturned,” Russell Barnes, Phylicia’s father, told ABC News.

The FBI and Baltimore police are conducting the investigation. Baltimore Metro Crime Stoppers has offered a cash reward of up to $2,000 for her discovery.

Police told ABC News today that they obtained additional security video from the area surrounding the apartment, but it has yet to shed new light on the case. FBI helicopters have scoured the area for three days without finding any clues.

“If there’s any good news, we haven’t found anything yet,” Baltimore Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said.

3 Responses to “Police Desperately Searching For Missing North Carolina 16 Yr Old Honor Student Phylicia Simone Barnes Who Went Missing In Baltimore”

  1. Tiki Says:

    That’s really, really sad. I feel that it is definitely foul play involved. That is really sad, and for the half sister not to call her mother is bad. The girl is 16. And for those many people going in and out of that house that’s not cool either. Only maybe 3 non relatives have been to my place in the several years that I have been here. I just don’t play that. But I feel there was definitely foul play but hopefully the outcome will be that she is found alive. Praying for Phylicia and her family.

  2. CAFClark61 Says:

    I sense “foul play.” Somebody in that house knows something. I don’t believe she just wandered off. There is much more to this story. I’m praying daily and keeping a watchful eye. Continue to remain strong in your faith.

  3. Karen D Womble Says:

    I’m 57 yrs old and very,very upset about Phylissa.No parent should have to indure this much,please if someone out there no’s something tell the authorities.God will bless you for it.Don’t let Satan win.Lord Jesus help this World.We need you.Our children are suffering because they wish to do the right thing and there is such envy out there.

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