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Ginuwine – Heaven (Music Video)

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4 Responses to “Ginuwine – Heaven (Music Video)”

  1. C.J. Says:

    pretty nice joint, if it’s more joints like this and not too many dance tracks i’ll have to check it out, wish him and timbaland would work together again

  2. Tiki Says:

    That was a beautiful song. That’s how I want to feel like when I meet you one day (hopefully). Everybody deserves to have a beautiful heaven like experience once in their life. If they get to experience a heaven like experience more times in life that’s extra sweet. I’m just speaking my mind and the truth.

  3. Tiki Says:

    Yeah it seems like his new cd is going to be pretty nice. I might have to buy it.

  4. 50 CENT Says:

    hey Tiki baby I see all your messages on my sites you may be my biggest fan. We need to hook up someday, I’ll take u to heaven guuurl *wink

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