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WTF: Girl Gets Ready To Go Out By Literally Stitching Herself Up!

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shes got a high pain threshold

8 Responses to “WTF: Girl Gets Ready To Go Out By Literally Stitching Herself Up!”

  1. dillsgirl_08 Says:

    this is soooo totaly stupid,girls dont need to be doing that is not coool at all
    man there are some stupid a*s people at there that needs to learn how how live the RIGHT lifer duhhhhhh>……………………………………..:(

  2. Tiki Says:

    Nice color change (your favorite color too right)? I love the pics too. Anyway that was really crazy and looks even crazier! Yeah she looks like she could be a candidate to have a room on my floor at work. I hope that’s just a phase, because that does not look cute at all!!

  3. Boo Says:

    omfg……..what has this world come too? she gotta be doing drugs. Wtf!!!! How can you do that lol..

  4. crige Says:

    this b***h is retarted!!!! mo hawk and stitches real classy

  5. YUNNY Says:

    Wow what stupidity they should have hepatitis on those needles.

  6. hmmm Says:

    that looks s**t!! and its just wrong!!

  7. DatBayAreaChick! Says:

    wow! um issues!!! white ppl!!!! didnt think she was gna do this stupid s**t! at least she wore gloves thoe!! NO LIFE!!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    you is one crazy a*s b***h

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