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Terrible Injustice: Fake Cop, Luis Munuzuri-Harris Cross Examines Woman He’s Accused Of Raping “You Raped Me”


TAMPA – The woman allegedly raped by a man posing as a police officer spent the morning on the stand in a Hillsborough County courtroom.

Defendant Luis Munuzuri-Harris, despite a judge’s recommendation, is acting as his own attorney.

His alleged victim recounted to prosecutors the events of last July 29 as she drove home along Bayshore Boulevard during testimony Tuesday morning.

“It was just a blue flickering light, flickering through my window,” the woman said.

She told the jury that Harris pulled her car over near Howard Avenue, and told her he was an undercover narcotics detective.

She said he later used her bank card to withdraw money from two Tampa ATMs and then handcuffed and raped her in his car at Patriot’s Park.

“He tells me I can’t tell anybody,” she said during direct examination, “I can’t tell anybody and he asks me over and over again, ‘Are you going to tell anybody?’ You’re not going to tell anybody?”

Harris wore a suit and tie and spent the morning consulting with standby attorneys from the public defender’s office.

“I’m not a monster, just a regular person just like everybody here,” Harris said during opening statements, “I’m accused of some pretty harsh allegations.”

Harris faces charges of kidnapping, sexual battery, falsely impersonating a police officer, and fraudulent use of a credit card.

He later cross-examined the alleged victim.

Judge Chet Tharpe grew irritated several times with Harris’ apparent lack of knowledge regarding the practice of law and courtroom behavior.

The judge asked Harris several times if he wanted to accept a public defender. Harris answered “no” every time.

Towards the end of Tuesday’s testimony, when the victim’s uncle took the stand, the judge warned Harris of badgering the witness.

“Do not do it again, Mr. Harris. Do we understand each other?” Judge Tharpe yelled.

“Yes, judge. That’s why I was trying to find a better way to ask the question,” Harris answered.

“You better find a better way because the next time you do it will have even more severe consequences than being admonished in front of this jury. Again I ask you, Do you understand me?”

“Yes Judge,” Harris replied.

“Ask your next question, if you have one.”

“No further questions,” Harris said.

Judge Tharpe asked prosecutors to name their list of witnesses for Wednesday so Harris might be better prepared for his next day in court.

11 Responses to “Terrible Injustice: Fake Cop, Luis Munuzuri-Harris Cross Examines Woman He’s Accused Of Raping “You Raped Me””

  1. woodside Says:

    Hey, why pay for a lawyer?? He knows hes going to jail anyway…

  2. REDCLOUD Says:

    a subhuman pale w***e raped and abused….sooo wheres the terrible injustice…?????….HAPPY NY’11….OWWWWWWWWW

  3. Tiki Says:

    DAMN JERK!!! He is such a LOSER!!!

  4. NSC Los Angeles Says:

    RedCloud, nothing better to do on the rez than be a troll? Can’t you find some paint to huff or something mate?

    This Harris dude better start, ahem, “stretching” himself out now because a short little rapist in prison is going to have a very interesting time. Impersonating a cop? Seems like a good reason to be singled out by the guards.

  5. REDCLOUD Says:

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  6. K9 Man Says:

    Luis Munuzuri-Harris will be found guilty and they will take his mangina in prison.

  7. Josh Says:

    Obviously, REDCLOUD is a close friend or relative to this lying, thieving, rapist piece of Nig-Nog Pigshit, & he sure seems to have fags on his little mind continuously. That says it all methinks…

  8. REDCLOUD Says:

    Obviously this pigshit eatin subhuman faggot josh is the illegitimate son of a pale w***e and a cocksuckin transvestite pedophile…he sure seems to keep a c**k down his throat…That about sums it up…HAPPY NY’11…..OOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW….

  9. Justice for all Says:

    Funny that everyone thinks he raped her. This isn’t the first time a man had to defend himself against a woman. She is using that rape charge because of the money he spent off her card. One sided society.

  10. Reinforcer Says:

    Thanks for such a informative post. This for sure will help many of us. Keep up the good work.

  11. Sujeewa Says:

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