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Big Boi – Get Wit It ft. Snoop Dogg

July 18, 2017


Danny Brown – Lost

July 18, 2017

Chris Brown Gets In Beef W/Paparazzi: Is Breezy A Blood Now?


Chris needs to stay focused

20 Responses to “Chris Brown Gets In Beef W/Paparazzi: Is Breezy A Blood Now?”

  1. top dolla Says:

    this n***a come from a small town in va. where there is no gangs out there if this lame is a blood he play gangsta

  2. Tiki Says:

    Hahaha all that stuff is just crazy. Can’t we just all live happily ever after? I guess only in my world.

  3. El Segundo Says:

    I will beat the breaks off of chris if he reppen he homey

  4. Young Rizznakauff Says:

    If Chris Brown is a blood, then 50 Tyson is gonna be our next president, shout out the the dude w/ da camera for askin him does he like razberries…lmfao. And Tyga is a hoe too, neva had a real fight, ni**a please.

  5. Ug Ball Says:

    My GOD be with Chris Brown and tyga , punk a*s NIGGAS, why get some money and start bangin, then thay bring thay punk a*s to LA. Thay better keep thay bodygards around with them fucc around and get fucced up at a video shoot, tyga cant fight hoe cake a*s n***a. crayon gang bangers.

  6. Tye Lanez Says:

    Niggaz is lamez how yall know he didnt get put on bloodz recently and hes bangin his s**t? that n***a stay wit tyga in L.A …Not everyones born into it..Niggaz talkin tough behind a computer screen lol

  7. Tye Lanez Says:

    SooWoop PDLanez UP!!!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    this n***a a weenie

  9. Alwayssnena Says:

    I LOVE CHRIS BROWN && Tyga <3333333

  10. WifeKilla Says:

    all dem niggaz is H**O fake as bangers

  11. YO Says:

    man i dont give a f**k what them niggas bangin n***a its BD or BE DEAD BLACK DISCIPLE GANG R.I.P KING DAVID LONG LIVE KING SHORTY

  12. Anonymous Says:

    5u whxxp all my brother5 ckeep that 5 poppin 5outhside garland 100 block

  13. Anonymous Says:

    who da fukk was tyga bitin his lip n grillinl ike he bout to eat a n***a…. yo tyga eva looked at me like dat i’d rokk him…n i’m from canada tyga bring ya skinny a*s n ya chain up here plz

  14. BREEZE Says:


  15. T yung Says:

    Man dem niggaz aint bangin..honestly i dont give a fucc about em fucc slobz! 74 till da world blow str8 like dat Folk.

  16. Shodiddy Says:

    If them niggas is bangin then they bangin

  17. Mr Fees Says:

    breezy been blood since kiss kiss, that music video just got red all over it lol. you weenies

  18. Sick6Sick Says:

    I love the ignorant Bloods and Crips who still fight eachother. when are you dumb@$$’s gonna realize how stupid you are. Fight the Government i dont give a ____ what yall say, bangin against eachother is pointless. Wake Up and Grow the f**k up. Soowoop to the fam. and love to my killa Boogie who bangs blue all day.

  19. Jr. Says:

    ok,, go to youtube and look up chris brown freestyle with lupe fiasco,
    he admits he’s a blood. He throws up the sign, and Says blood gang

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