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DJ Scratch Shows Off DJ Skillz On Apple iPad


If you don’t know about DJ Scratch, well then, you need to find a Hip-Hop principal for a late pass. The world renown DJ and producer has used his talents to bolster the careers of Jay-Z, EPMD, Busta Rhymes, Jam Master Jay and many more. One of the most dedicated spin docs, Scratch has even found a way to practice when he is traveling. Apple has created an app for their revolutionary iPad, which the Brooklyn representer has an affinity for. Scratch even showed you how he can cut, transform and mix on the iPad.

3 Responses to “DJ Scratch Shows Off DJ Skillz On Apple iPad”

  1. Looneygoons Says:

    that s**t is annoying his djing skills makes me wanna hit my head wit a sledge hammer

  2. Tiki Says:

    I wonder if I should get an I Pad? I have to look into those more. Do I want one just because or will it be beneficial and more convienent as far as carrying it aroud as opposed to carrying a laptop and looking up info that I may need? Like I said I have to look into those more. I’m not that electronic technology savy, like I need to be. That was kind of annoying after awhile, but I guess it’s a good app.

  3. woodside Says:

    that was trash ..not a good plug at all …makes u not want to buy the app

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