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Teen Murder Suspect, Brandon C. Fannin Tries Escaping From Jail By Jumping Guard


The dash across the room took about three seconds, the struggle with guards a little more than a minute.

That’s the timeline a security video puts on what authorities call a failed bid for freedom by a teenage double-slaying defendant.

The video, made public Monday, shows Brandon C. Fannin, 17, walk past a guard on the way from his cell at Knox County’s Richard L. Bean Juvenile Service Center to take a shower Saturday just before 6:15 p.m. The video shows Fannin suddenly drop his towel, lay his soap on a table and bolt across a day room to punch the guard in the face.

“My guy didn’t know what was happening at first, but he did everything by the book,” said Richard Bean, the center’s superintendent.

The video shows the guard, Carl E. Mills Jr., wrestle Fannin to the ground and struggle with him for about 48 seconds before two other guards arrive. Within about a minute, Fannin appears to be subdued. A few minutes later, the guards walk Fannin out in handcuffs and shackles.

“My guy just held onto him,” Bean said. “He said he didn’t want to hurt the young man.”

Bean said Fannin, who already faces two first-degree murder charges in the shooting deaths of his grandparents at their home in Hawkins County in April, threatened to kill Mills if the guard didn’t ask a control-room operator to unlock the doors.

The center houses Fannin as part of a contract with Hawkins County. Prosecutors will try the boy as an adult but can’t house him in a jail until he turns 18.

Fannin remained in an isolation cell Monday under a suicide watch. Bean said he’ll consult with Knox County prosecutors later this week on filing charges.

Mills wasn’t hurt and has returned to work, Bean said.

“He was surprised, because the boy had written our guy a letter that thanked him for being so nice to him,” Bean said

8 Responses to “Teen Murder Suspect, Brandon C. Fannin Tries Escaping From Jail By Jumping Guard”

  1. Tiki Says:

    Yeah he definitely has some issues going on there. Killing his grandparents! That’s a big no no! When he turns 18 it’s a wrap for him!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    he’ll be someones b***h in jail. that sux

  3. anonymous Says:

    i keep thinking of him, what made him do it.?
    i dont understand, but it makes me sad to think that this could happen to all our children, just one mistake and they screw up for life.
    how do we save our chlidren?
    god, please give us answers, and save our children from this.

  4. mnd Says:

    I agree its a very sad situation all together, he is a young boy but at the same time he has so much hatred coming from somewhere. It’s hard to say if he could have ever been rehabilitated. God watch over our children and keep them safe, Amen!

  5. bran bran Says:

    This young boy hung himself in jail earlier this week with his bed sheets. Guess he knew what was coming for him wheb he hit 18..

  6. itsdifficulttosay Says:

    wow..I am glad all the critics in this world completely knows what happend in this CHILDS LIFE AND THE HELL AND ABUSE THAT CHILD WENT THRU….also theres always 2 truths to the story….thats the problem with this country sooooo damn JUDGEMENTAL….that only tells me from all of you that YOU have no clue what he went thru as a child was still a child before his suicide that you accept abuse are you an ABUSER protecting ABUSERS…god will decide everyones fait thats for sure…I believe until you know the truth and were in the home with BRANDON all his life you should think before you JUDGE

  7. Annonymous Says:

    I knew this kid. It’s very sad, but I always saw that he was headed for somewhere bad.

  8. wtf? Says:


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