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WTF? Ukraine Baby Yoga


is this s**t real?

194 Responses to “WTF? Ukraine Baby Yoga”

  1. Tiki Says:

    WTH! What the hell is she doing is that even legal to do to a baby? That poor baby couldn’t do a damn thing! That literally made me sick! All of that swinging all around, upside down, thrown in the air, s**t that made me want to vomit! That baby must be use to that because he/she wasn’t crying. That lady need to do baby exercises with that baby, not that make me dizzy, make me sick and want to vomit type of s**t! Crazy! That ain’t no baby yoga!

  2. johny Says:

    i think this is fake…notice how the woman settles the baby at the end..we all lose visibility of the baby able to do the swap with the real baby. Once again the fake baby is used to do these “yoga” exercises. So Tiki this is all fake and planned for views

  3. woodside Says:

    its not fake u can see the baby start to cry at some parts

  4. chasity Says:

    That was so not a fake baby. it has the exact same build and the exact same hair. and you can see it moving throughout the entire video.. when she gives it time enough to gather its stomach back. that dumb b***h needs to be throw around like that and see how she likes it.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I still love Ukraine!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    She’s killing him!! it’s horrible!!

  7. DatBayAreaChick! Says:

    WOW, Um so wat is that doin for the baby? Is he gna walk wen hes 3 months old i mean wtf is he gna be in gymnastics wen hes 4months old???? dumb a*s ppl!!!

  8. RachelC Says:

    I cannot believe that’s even legal!! That’s a newborn, why would you feel the need to have a newborn do yoga? Seriously what stress is the baby under… Oh wait.. IT”S BEING THROWN IN THE DAMN AIR!! Hello?? No wonder why the baby is stressed… Man I don’t know what the laws are over their… I’m just glad their not the same here… That should be illegal!!

  9. ming Says:

    wtf! is she mad or what since do you even handle a baby like that? this lady really needs some help because she has totally lost her mind. this should be in jail for doing this kind of stuff this is where human rights should in place!!!! FOCKING CRAZY a*s b***h!!!!!!!!

  10. Katelyn Says:

    it looks like shes throwing around a little pig. =/

  11. Bradford Says:


    Holy god I’d be terrified if I was that baby. Crazy woman needs to put the poor child down.

  12. Momma Of Four Says:

    WTF!!!!!!!!!!! That is not OK on nay level.

  13. Momma Of Four Says:

    ANY LEVEL that is.

  14. disturbed Says:

    if that baby survives and does not become a gymnast all this was in vain

  15. gonebonkers Says:

    stop talking s**t about this woman and think instead of what kind of fucking retarded parents would let their own child be used in such way. now that’s sick

  16. mere Says:

    Fake. Definitely. That baby is so new, probably less than 3 weeks old, that to treat it that way would have killed it. That’s fake. 100% fake. Especially around 2:30 where she’s just flipping it back and forth. Shaken Baby Syndrome! In conclusion, this is fake.

  17. good4her Says:

    I support the tossing of babies.

  18. augustine Says:

    The sad part that everyone is missing is that this poor hippie woman has lost her yo ho diablo/fire stick and clearly can’t afford a new one.

  19. damnn Says:

    C’mon you guys!Give her a break!She is training that baby to become the next Mr Fantastic

  20. Mommyof1 Says:

    This is child abuse!!

  21. phoenix Says:

    I can not believe that she has not been arrested! What she is doing is so incredibly dangerous. This video mad me want to vomit and punch her all at the same time.

  22. Granola Says:

    I think she really fucking hates that kid.

  23. Spacegeek Nat Says:

    For the love of all that is Holy, please let this be fake! That was just an extended fancified act of Shaken Baby Syndrome. Just how many babies did she kill before she figured out how to do it “right”? Holy s**t. I need to believe it’s fake. NEED TO.


  24. InternetLumberjack Says:

    I am absolutely unsurprised that the fail-spawns above and below find reality in the unconvincing rubber doll rattled about in the video. To whom this might concern: lol.

  25. m Says:

    this is child abuse and that woman needs a bullet in her head

  26. well... Says:

    i wonder how many she had before she started baby yoga…

  27. m Says:

    internet lumber jack read up on it before you make a comment, you ‘fail-spawn’

  28. Dawn Says:

    The scariest thing about this video is that it will encourage some moron to do this to their baby. I figure its a fake baby, but somewhere someone will think its okay to do it to their baby AND kill the baby. Its sick on many levels, and I couldn’t even watch the whole video. The woman should be smacked for even making such a nasty video..

  29. UwishUwereME Says:

    NOW THIS TOTALLY EXPLAINS THE COLD WAR WITH THE FORMER SOVIET UNION!! other than shaken baby syndrome this is a wonderful way to dis joint the shoulders and hips and since babies are so flexible when they are born it is feasible but a good way to tear tendons and ligaments. but the bones has the the same properties as cartilage when they are born since they are not fully hardened or formed. but EVERYTHING IS OK IN THE UKRAINE! SHE PROBABLY ALSO GAVE HER KID A SHOT OF VODKA RIGHT BEFORE HAND!! BUT WHAT DO YOU EXPECT FROM A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY LIKE THAT.

  30. Flea Says:

    This video about made me puke.
    Baby is moving and reacting like a newborn. It’s real. Pity the baby didn’t barf and crap all over her in mid demo.

    There are a few reasons that come to mind why not to do this:
    Let’s see… possible dislocation of all the joints in the legs and arms, serious neck trauma, twisting force applied to brain-stem during rapid deceleration of brain inside the cranium, who knows what kind of cranial-vascular injuries might occur from swinging baby from ankles exerting even up to 1G of force on the blood rushing to it’s head…

    Would now like to see a video of the parents and the instructor being violently tossed around like rag dolls by their ankles.

  31. ddd Says:

    is a child care organization of any sort going to step in? that’s disguised abuse. That baby needs to be taken away immediately. I could just picture that poor baby’s arm snapping at any time

  32. Mandy Says:

    Oh my god…that video is about 5 minutes long and I was only 1 minute in when I had to stop because my stomach was about to revolt on me. I had to watch happy kitten videos for ten minutes in order to rinse out my brain. Oh my god do I WISH this were fake, but here’s the link gave that shows that not only is it not fake, but she’s been doing this for years.
    I don’t care what she says and I don’t care if every baby is still happy and healthy…when a baby is literally being tossed about while having it’s arms and legs ripped out of it’s sockets, it makes me die a little inside.

  33. fcuckyouassholes Says:

    this is obviously good for the baby. the woman is a professional yoga instructor and she knows what she’s doing. providing such exercises for the child only stretches out the kid’s muscles and helps the digestive system work properly.

    shut the f**k up. it’s NOT child abuse.

  34. The Baby Eater Says:

    I think the baby needs to be fed to the hungry children new guinea or taken to the deli. Babies are a delicacy here.

  35. angel Says:

    Wow that just mind boggles me to see a women do that to her child and if its not her child to someone else’s child. The baby started to cry at one point and so did i. that poor child could not say stop it. and the damage she might have done to the child’s brain could be lifetime problems in the future. Children and babies should have rights against that…that woman should get some kind of punishment for that really!

  36. Yojimbo Says:

    … You Americans freak out over the smallest things, yet you do not say nay against what you do? You smoke in front of you babies, you do meth and crack and other drugs around your babies, you give them fattening foods and turn them into fat asses. You harm them the most. You let them get pregnate at age 12, and you never want to admit you do wrong, always blaming it on other people while teaching your kids the same thing. Think about your own children and what you do before you say anything about this.

  37. STFUP Says:

    mere – you have no proof it’s fake – you just don’t want to belive she was doing that to a baby. It’s real.

  38. Vegetablerock Says:

    @fuckyouassholes: you are either a troll or a huge idiot.

  39. Anonymous Says:

    I was just waiting for her to launch the baby into the wall or turn it into some phillipino filet, or some wierd s*x toy. WTF, this woman should be shot and killed!

  40. magpieman Says:

    this is sick

  41. Unverified User Says:

    Well the “yoga” instructor is ridiculously stupid and cruel to children, but what kind of parents would let this happen and just stand around and watch? Seriously. -_-

  42. Miros Says:


  43. Asia Says:

    Ok, I have seen “shocking” things on the net but this is one video I couldn’t watch all the way through.

    Generally, healthy babies are more durable than we may think. (When our daughter was born I had to constantly convince her father that she wouldn’t break when he held her) but this is so over the top and so beyond the realm of unacceptable, I can’t believe anyone would think this would be good for their baby.

    I just hope the baby in this video doesn’t suffer any lasting injuries.

  44. Fat b*****d Says:

    I want my baby back baby back baby back baby back… Ribs. CHILLI’S BABY BACK RIBS. GET IN MAH BELLEH! I’M BIGGER THAN YOU! HIGHER UP ON THE FOOD CHAIN! GET IN MAH BELLEH! I like my babies a bit looser than normal.

  45. Fat b*****d Says:

    I like my baby jerky.

  46. Jack Says:

    The main problem with this is that is has zero margin for error. Even if you believe that there is no danger from the act itself, just one slip of the grip and that baby’s brains will be guacamole. I don’t care how sure you are of your abilities, accidents happen. If you aren’t prepared for such contingencies, you are just being careless. And with a baby or child, that is beyond criminal.

    As for the act itself, a child’s joints can easily come out of the socket. Look up “nursemaid’s elbow” as an example. Such dislocations would be difficult to ascertain in an child this young until the crying and swelling made you go to the pediatrician (assuming this woman even believes in using doctors). Not to mention the potential for neck injury, brain injury, etc. Whatever strength gains you might imagine would come from this “yoga” would be completely offset by the risks to the child.

    This isn’t an “over-reaction” by idiot American parents. This is common sense based on medical facts and physics. But the very basic argument is this…people accidentally drop stuff all the time. Even a professional juggler occasionally drops a ball. Given this basic fact, swinging a baby around, even when you aren’t STANDING IN A FREAKING ROCK GARDEN, shows incredibly bad judgment.

  47. Riley Says:

    This is horrifying. A baby’s neck can NOT handle so much stress on it.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if the baby was severely harmed after this. This woman needs to get shot.

  48. Pissed Says:


  49. Dan Says:

    I know it looks like child abuse, (and it very well may be) but the child is not crying at any point. Wouldn’t a child cry if it was hurt in any way? Even if it was simply uncomfortable? I agree that there is zero margin for error, but I wouldn’t call this abuse until the second she makes an error and hurts the kid. Then you can throw the book at her.

  50. Mr. Clean Says:

    This is the best video ever. I haven’t had a hardy laugh like this in some time. Well, I wish this were shot somewhere in the US so everyone could also b***h about that and say how ignorant Americans are, oh well. Maybe next time, you can just say she learned this from an American for now. And yes, of course this is illegal. It’s only illegal if you drop it.

  51. Mr. Clean jr. Says:

    @Mr. Clean I LOVE YOU DADDY! 😀

  52. Mr. Clean Says:


    *it’s legal unless you drop it.

  53. karrie Says:

    u idiots this is fake, you can tell its a life like doll! LOL still not funny some nut might try it

  54. Jessie Says:

    This like the perfect recipe for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome… someone please take that baby away from her.

  55. sharkbait Says:

    There’s no way in hell this is fake; aside from the fact that it moves, the baby is clearly crying at one moment. In my experience, life-like plastic dolls don’t change their facial expressions. This baby needs to be taken away and given to non-psychotic parents.

  56. Cynthia Says:

    No, it’s not fake. When infants are absolutely terrified, they’ll hold their breath (they don’t cry instantly), arch their backs and stretch their arms and legs out, desperately reaching for something to grab on to. This baby was terrified for almost this entire video. Even if there wasn’t physical injury, then that baby’s gonna need therapy or something.

  57. yourallstupid Says:

    anyone who says this isn’t a real baby hasn’t seen a real baby before just watch the beginning of the film, she has the baby take a few steps then starts flipping him like a pancake, far as it “killing the baby” no it wouldn’t it’s not violently opposing forces like shaken baby syndrome everything is slowed and clearly the baby isn’t hurt however this is the most horrible thing I have ever seen as far as child abuse is concerned.

  58. Savos Says:

    Grabbin a shotgun! Anyone want to join me in my hunt for tat b***h?

  59. yourallstupid Says:

    @Yojimbo and yet the rest of the world still desperately tries to be america, and at least 60% of the world wants to live here. i’m so sick of “american people are stupid.” yes there are some really stupid people here, all i can say is advances in medical science have all but eliminated natural selection. however if we were an entire country of idiots, who also has nuclear weaponry, pretty sure the apocalypse would of happened already. America’s biggest problem is that the idiots are the ones who get global attention, and the trend in american television is “good news is not news.” so anyone who actually does something intelligent and positive either gets 0 news coverage or they get to be on the local news as the “hero of the week”

  60. Davlin Says:

    Strap some glow sticks to it and you’re ready for a baby rave :)

  61. selena Says:

    i really really hope that was a fake baby. but it appeared to move it’s right arm all by itself at the end of the video.
    and even if it’s fake there’s still the risk of idiot parents copying her.

    if it’s a real baby both she and the parents should be charged with gross child-abuse and never be allowed to come within 10 meter of a child again.

  62. Disgusted Says:

    Babies are designed to be babies, not yoga masters. Take that baby away.

  63. Jenny Says:

    @ Dan:

    The baby wouldn’t necessarily cry. It looks like it’s about 6-8 weeks old (judging by how my daughter looks now) and has probably had to take this torture from InsanoGirl for a while now. In psychology it’s called learned helplessness–repeated studies confirm it. When a person or animal has taken constant abuse from which they are unable to escape, they eventually just take it without even TRYING to escape anymore. I feel horrible for that poor little newborn. The movements here are not anywhere near severe enough for Shaken Baby Syndrome, as so many have posted, but this woman is clearly out of her mind. It’s recommended not to even pull your baby up by his/her arms because it can cause the shoulders to dislocate and cause serious physical problems in the future. I’ll be surprised if this baby ever grew up to walk normally.

  64. Jenny Says:

    @ karrie:

    No, the baby is definitely real. Dolls don’t move. I’ve seen a TON of lifelike dolls in my life with my CPR and lifeguard training, and THIS baby is a real one. It looks just like my baby girl. This video makes me sick.

  65. Clarity Says:

    @ yourallstupid : I totally agree!

    That baby looks totally real to me and, exercise or not, that is still incredibly dangerous and shouldn’t be done. Also, where the hell the “I hate Americans” rant come from Yojimbo? Last time I checked, every country has their idiots. We’re not saying that they’re not people who hurt their children in America, just that each time we catch them, we do our best to put them in jail and prevent it from happening again. This, this is just sick. I don’t care what country it’s from. If the lady was American, I’d say the same thing: that lady needs to be fined and not allowed to swing babies around like a flail.

  66. WTF!! Says:

    This is bullshit! I don’t care who the hell you are or what kind of “abilities” you think you have! For one thing, you are NOT supposed to pick up a baby or child by their arms. Dislocation takes a fraction of a second. The poor things arms and legs are not supposed to be used like that! I can’t count how many times she fucking twisted the poor thing’s arms/legs around. I am shocked that the kid was alive after. Shaken baby syndrome, or just dropping the kid are real possibilities. There are no benefits to gain from this. PERIOD. Anyone who thinks this is ok should be jailed! My cousin’s son was born with a broken arm because the doctors moved him the wrong way during birth. It’s that easy. I don’t care that “nothing happened” in this video. We don’t know that for sure! And don’t try to say the baby wasn’t crying in the video. There was no sound other than music and the picture was blurry enough, the kid had to be scared out of his mind! If he’s “used” to this then she’s already done enough brain damage to him to not know how to react and therefore, the baby will not live long or have a quality life. The woman needs to be fucking locked up. Such bullshit!

  67. Anonymous Says:

    Definitely fake. No baby could keep it’s limbs from not flopping around. Fake

  68. karrie Says:

    i guarentee this is fake, while she flinging it around the face does not change, it never moves until it goes off screen then back on, she obviously switched to a real baby lol cant wait until this is proven a fake so i can laugh at u all

  69. kasey Says:

    Not only do i believe this is real, ive seen ppl do it in real life ( its limbs and head didnt pop off) She told us while he was crying, oh he likes it!!! the baby isnt crying because its freakin brain dead!!

  70. NUNI Says:

    Doesn’t she know


  71. batchelor Says:

    maybe we should put her through that

  72. zohax Says:

    if the baby didn’t like it, he would’ve told her to stop

  73. aykm2194 Says:

    What is WRONG with people!!?? If this woman did this to a pet she would be hung before this page finished loading!!!

  74. Nigra Jr. Says:

    Wow, mom’s got some nice arms on her.

  75. Jake Says:

    1) You don’t juggle babies, not even in a rock garden. You just don’t. Not even if they are on fire. Even in Ukraine.

    2) That wouldn’t be yoga even if baby yoga existed. When the British invented yoga in occupied India decades ago it did not involve being flung around by giant Ukrainian women.

    3) What exactly was there to gain by doing this? You risking severe physical and psychological trauma that could have lifelong effects on the child so that it is more limber? WTF?

    4) In the psycho’s defense, it really didn’t look like she caused any harm to the baby other than shoulder dislocation and mild brain damage. But still.

  76. Pets... Says:

    @aykm2194 This woman actually did do cat yoga …if you want to be even more scared for her sanity than you already are, watch it. But I wouldn’t suggest it.

  77. Yo Research It Says:

    That baby really is real. Go do some research rather than speculating. Look up DaddyWagon’s interview with her on google. Or just google Lena Fokina. Scary.

  78. dotmatrix Says:

    She’s pretty hot. Crazier than a shithous rat, but pretty hot.

  79. dotmatrix Says:

    “Shithouse.” Sorry.

  80. Chixchik Says:

    Wow i worry about HOLDING another persons baby wrong. They look so breakable. Can’t imagine doing something like this. Don’t know what went through her mind to consider swinging a baby around by it’s under-developed extremities.How is this yoga btw?… Thought that mostly involved stretching and relaxation. So many things wrong here -_-

  81. Will Says:

    This is real…Gawker did an article about it

  82. blurp Says:

    Not fake, this was on a couple news reports as well as being passed around the internet for a while. I’m pretty sure she has a website to, but not sure about that. It’s gross but its absolutly real.

  83. Anonymous Says:

    than stupid b***h needs to b put n jail. and all u assholes that dnt like america can go to hell.

  84. sazk Says:

    This woman belongs in prison

  85. 8====D Says:

    She needs to do some yoga porno with the baby in it.

  86. TheChosenOne Says:

    I need Babychucks!

  87. tickity Says:

    Oh wow. O_O There is a safer way for baby yoga >.> I think you just lie them on their backs and teach them to relax. Not throw them in the air..

  88. Tetillon Says:

    Ok to the people that say the baby isnt fake because it isnt crying, you dont cry when you are in fear, for example if you see a fucking alien you dont just cry, you will s**t your pants, run away and then cry. That baby is shiting his pants there.. and if he isnt crying which i think he is, he will cry later.

  89. Elisha Says:

    Apparently it is real:

  90. hoggys2much Says:

    I can’t believe I just saw that. That b***h needs a bullet in her head. Either that or someone does that to her. I’ll be verry surprised if tat baby doesn’t grow up to be brain damaged.

  91. It's real Says:

    to the people who said it’s fake and can’t wait until it’s been proven fake, do a little research, already been proven real by multiple sources

  92. babysitterpreskltchr Says:

    The child was completely shaken up at the end and could not focus to even cry. He will suffer brain damage from this and he is at a far greater risk for sids. The video is not fake, baby yoga is often practiced and is said to lossen up muscles at a young age but a better solution is a child friendly chiropractor.

  93. mummyofthree Says:

    That is completely disgusting and made me feel sick. That stupid b***h should be prosecuted for child endangerment and child abuse. I am completely astounded by the stupidity of some people that they actually believe this is good for children and the parents who let this happen to their babies should also be prosecuted.

  94. Edith Says:

    Well..ahem..Regardless of what country this is monster is from, what she did to this poor baby is insane. First of all, since when does yoga involve being flung around? Isn’t yoga more of a quiet, relaxing meditation? The baby is terrified; you can tell by the look on his face! Secondly, why in the world, out of all the places, did she decide to do this surrounded by rocks? What if the baby managed to slip or something? That’s not right. Also, how does she know what babies need in order to meditate or whatever she’s trying to accomplish by doing this? Did she talk to a baby and ask him what he needed? What makes her such an expert at this? So many things could go wrong in this situation, by performing such disgusting “yoga tricks!” It’s people like her that make this WORLD more screwed up than it already is. And that’s because she’s not under the influence of drugs or mind-altering substances that would allow her to think that this is OK (assuming she isn’t. If she is, WTF, UKRAINE!?) And finally, babies don’t need yoga!! They spend 16 hours a day asleep when they’re that young! What is the purpose of this?? Lady, stop terrorizing the kids. Parents, get your newborns the hell away from this monster. Babies, if you didn’t know how to walk before you met this psycho, you’re going to learn how to run afterwards. Viewers, don’t try this at home.

  95. Glasses Says:

    It’s so obvious that the baby is CG. The lighting on the baby doesn’t even match the rest of the scene. The texture of the baby looks fake. This CG work is akin to those shitty low-budget commercials. Seriously though. Obvious CG is obvious.

  96. TheTruth Says:

    It is def a real baby …

    and …

  97. wicked Says:

    I know a lot of people want to say this is fake and I would hope to god it was, but its not. You know its a real baby right at the end of the video because it is moving completely on its own you can see it at 5:20 when the baby starts moving.

    Also for those who says its cgi obviously does not know s**t about cgi. The babies skin tone is completely accurate for a new born. The reason the lighting looks off is because the babies skin reflects more light than the surroundings making it appear brighter.And if someone did do that baby in cgi then they are a fucking master at rigging models.That babies movement is so fluid and graceful with absolutely no deformations or constraint problems for a full 5 minute plus video all done in one take.

    Other things that tell the baby is real is by watching the babies reflexes, especially in the legs which bounce back accurately when the baby pushes off the women.

    This is unfortunately real and really stupid parents think this a good idea to do to their children.

  98. Anonymous Says:

    Personally. I would never shake a baby. Unless the recipe calls for it :)

  99. Anonymous Says:

    I think the baby is not crying because it died about 30 seconds into the damn video. It gave me a heart attack.

  100. Anonymous Says:

    Is it dead yet?

  101. Maxim Says:

    WTF??? That wasn’t a doll? That b***h, she’s gonna kill it! Really, that’s legal?

  102. SIOS Says:

    Did this turn any of you guys on like it did me?

  103. :3 Says:

    Looks fun :3

  104. Alex Says:

    You guys aer ignorant idiots judging from a lopsided experience of over-sheltered western kid who can’t wipe his own a*s and needs a babysitter until late teens. What she does is a really good gymnastics and stretching of the limbs that trains the muscles and ligaments strength and flexibility as intended by evolution due to historic necessity of a human lifestyle. My parents did this and I could do splits no problem as a kid and haven’t broken a single bone in my body regardless of multiple opportunities.

    Keep sitting on your a*s and passing judgement on who’s crazy and what’s legal and we’ll see who lives a better life 😉

  105. Alex Says:

    And the dizzying part – well it makes you dizzy, it means your parents failed on you. When I was a kid this was considered a lot of fun.

    Get a coaster and reacher-grabber, fragile fatso ))

  106. Anonymous Says:

    this women should have her baby taken away!!!!

  107. Anonymous Says:

    That’s an unusual nunchaku.

  108. Hayleychaotix Says:

    That was hilarious, she’s basically using the kid in place of a ribbon for a ribbon twirling act. Couldn’t stop laughing.

  109. Jackaaaaay Says:

    this is not even possible….. babies neck muscles are not even strong enough at that age to even hold their heads up all the time…. and some cribs were even recalled because they swung to hard and caused brain movement inside the skull so if she did that with a baby it would be dead….. this is totally not real.
    Sick idea though dont you think?

  110. steve Says:

    OMG, It’s our babysitter !!!!

  111. Jay Says:

    Many people should tell her this is wrong. She probably means well but aparently has a blind spot for what she is doing. Has anybody mentioned Michael Jackson yet with the baby hanging out the window?

  112. Kate Says:

    What kind of sick b*****d would think of this?

  113. Kate Says:

    Also, Alex:

    There are biological limits. My parents swung me around, too, but that was at a much younger age. The key that you’re missing is that you remember it. This child is, at best, a four-month old. At that point, you’re still supposed to support a child’s neck, lest its abnormal head swing the wrong way and break. There is also still a “soft spot” in the back of the baby’s head, where the skull plates haven’t yet hardened. Even the slightest pressure can severely injure a kid, not to mention possibly mentally incapacitate.

    Yes, your parents may have swung you around at a kid, but it was – obviously – when you could take it. And if you’re trolling, you’re wasting your time.

  114. chrisalice Says:

    what the ever loving f**k…shaken baby syndrome much?

  115. Social Services Says:

    This fucking b***h needs putting in jail.

  116. Bullshit Says:

    Bullshit, kids neck is way too straight, even when she’s doing the sideways swinging his neck is barely bent, his head would be bouncing around a lot more

  117. Hands Says:

    Little note- watch the baby’s hands. You can tell that this child is (probably) not a doll because the hands clench and unclench at different parts of the video. A baby this young wouldn’t be able to do much more than that when put under that amount of force. Shaken baby syndrome is a very likely outcome.
    I hope no one sees this and thinks it’s a good idea, regardless of whether the original video has a real baby or not.

  118. Anonymous Says:

    That’s fucking bullshit. I seriously think that the baby isn’t fat enough to have to need to get in shape. This probably scares the baby for life and will end up like a phsycopath. “What caused you to be so fucked up?” “Oh, you know, the usual, I was tossed around as a baby, but I was convinced I was just doing yoga.”

  119. Anonymous Says:

    GOD DAMNIT LOOK HOW MANY FUCKING COMPLAINT COMMENTS YOU HAVE oooh how abusive ooohh lets fucking shoot her why dont you fucknuts find out something about her before you go thrashing out wildley without proper reasoning behind it… GOD DAMN you people make me sick

  120. Joe Citizen Says:

    That woman is clearly a man.

  121. Dude Says:

    I think the baby looks pretty CGI. Just something subtly wrong about the coloring

  122. Jami Says:

    Can we take comfort with the fact that at least TWO people in the world think this is a good idea? The woman, and the unidentified mystery cameraman who would be an accomplice to murder had she dropped the baby.

    Guys…when you are committing crimes, don’t record your s**t! It’s evidence! DUH!

  123. cosmo Says:

    Can you spell “BRAIN DAMAGE”!!! Fake or not…promoting this is wrong. There are idiots out there who will try it cuz they are not smart enough to realize how wrong this is. Lets try this out on her and see how she likes it.

  124. Sam Says:

    And the million dollar question:
    Is she training the baby, or is she actually just training herself?

  125. Dimitry Says:

    Answer to a million question, BOTH.
    To the rest who lacks comprehension, assuming that your way is the only right way is the kind of arrogance that keeps people in ignorance. With such thinking we would never crawled out from the dark ages & kept burning witches along with other stupid crap that was done by creativity of closed-minded.
    Instead of bitching on the subject, take a closer look, the baby is not in pain & when it grows up, it will have unbelievably strong & flexible joints & extraordinary sense of balance at very least. You should envy this baby instead of “worrying” about it.

  126. JodysGirl Says:

    Sorry to say folks but its REAL. I googled it and the child is alive and well and still participating in this type of yoga/gymnastics.

    Here is the CBS link

    …i dont like it, but its their “way”…how messed up :(

  127. Babyphat Sothereion Says:

    Value diversity already, people.

    Can’t really envy babies as such Dmitry, but that’s an unlikely result at best; although if there were a time to split a person’s cartilage and muscle insertions 10 ways each direction hoping to encourage the performance, I’ll go out a limb (the shortest of the low-hanging limbs) and say infancy would be the time. She’s clearly babying it; shaking damage is pretty evident, just as whether formula dissolves or not.

    Hey, babies make people gain wait and recapitulate childhood at some length, so it’s fair. Whether I’d be okay watching this as a ritual picking an infant up at day care though, 3 days a week, that’s important! It really departs from a casual ‘bye!’

    Maybe the babies will grow up closing first dates with parkour tours of a village?

  128. cindy Says:

    Please someone ,help this baby,how can you report her!

  129. Lauren Says:

    It’s a fake baby. During the yoga moves. It’s incredibly obvious

  130. Dan Says:

    If you did that s**t to a cat you’d get done for animal cruelty, how the f**k can you do it to a baby?!

  131. Joanna Says:

    It’s so obviously fake I wonder how come so many people can’t see it.

  132. Paprika Says:

    Gotta love the anti-American sentiments. Because clearly all of us got pregnant at 12 (Goddamnit I’m late again!!!) and were exposed to drugs by our shitty parents at 6 months old and obesity is simply caused by inactivity and a poor diet instead of underlying social problems or other illnesses, right, Yojimbo? And Alex is so very clearly a troll that I’m not even bothering to respond to that one. Okay. Let’s make the erroneous assumption that all that is true, and every single person in America is a fat, sexually promiscuous drug addict.

    That still doesn’t excuse this woman’s behavior. Most of the comments are insulting her, not the country of origin, so anti-American statements are not necessary. I’m pretty sure any intelligent person, regardless of nationality, would find this video offensive. Even if it is a fake or CGI baby, the fact that she’s advertising this as being okay is still wrong. And if it isn’t a fake baby (it could very well be real) then she is a crazy b***h and is hopefully in jail now. o_o

    But just because some American parents are bad doesn’t mean that it’s okay for other people in other countries to endanger or abuse their own children. And regardless of cultural norms, I think shaking and juggling a very young baby would be unacceptable anywhere.

    If it is a real baby, I hope it’s okay. : (

  133. Anonymous Says:

    Any rational normal person that has some common sense can see that this throwing-around-baby thing is totaly wrong; you don’t need medical education to suppose that it can damage the brain in many ways, can wreak physiological chaos, dislocate the joints and damage the skin in some way because of the friction.

    Unfortunately, you can find ignorant, stupid and utterly idiotic new-agers anywhere in the world that think this baby-yoga would be a good idea. Anyone who promotes this as an OK thing to do should be beaten to a pulp and locked up; they’re asking for it themselves.

  134. Anonymous Says:

    Baby’s that young are not supposed to be able to properly support their own neck muscles yet. That’s one reason why this is so dangerous besides the obvious reasons.

  135. Anonymous Says:

    What’s the big deal. She is hot enough to be able to make a new baby if she drops it.

  136. Anonymous Says:

    It is one of those real life looking baby dolls. Any one that would swing a baby around like that would have already killed the kid. Shaken baby syndrome.

  137. Thatsstraightupshullbit Says:

    That is fucked up as hell

  138. ChristianDystopian Says:

    DA UMN!
    I’m glad they made a video of this. When the tyke grows up he can b***h slap this woman and his Momma into the next kingdom!
    I’m pretty sure this is a boy baby and if I’m right no! that’s not a freaking handle!
    My joints hurt just watching this and I’m a grown man.
    Maybe someone should sling this chick and the babies Momma around like that for a while. Oh right! That would be illegal!

  139. Anna Says:


  140. Rynver Says:

    That is soo not a fake baby what so ever.
    The baby is most likely “shaken” causing a mild form of shock that basically paralyses the poor thing.

    It doesn’t scream or cry because it is literally shaken out of it’s mind. Shaken baby syndrome is a “real” condition, and should not be taken lightly. That lady needs her limbs pulled off.

  141. Yellowcat Says:

    The woman is Lena Fokina she is a 50 year old Russian yoga teacher who was based in Egypt until the revolution there when she moved back to Russia.
    She has two adult daughters who work as freedive instructors.

    The baby is a girl named Platona Goryun, who lives in Khorol, Ukraine, about three hours outside of Kiev. She was just two weeks old when she was subjected to what Fokina calls “dynamic gymnastics” for newborns in the video.
    The video was uploaded by the girls father.

    Earlier this year Lena Fokina was on a Russian TV programme, she reduced to tears by criticism of her baby yoga.

  142. fullonrapist Says:

    That b***h crazy. I hate her.

  143. abasslinelow Says:

    Seriously, this chick is an amazing raver.

  144. Samantha Says:

    This woman should of not gave birth. I suggest getting her euathanized. Stupid b***h.

  145. LOL Says:

    You are is fuckin grazy

  146. xmike Says:

    somebody please shoot her in the face

  147. ahahah Says:

    most of you people are really.. i mean really STUPID.. you dumb pricks ahahah – ever seen a baby? then you should see its pretty much faked.. check the 1st 25secs – just watch the baby whole time.. feelind stupid? ahahaha dumb fuktards

  148. Tom Says:

    That babe’s got a cute a*s. The lady swinging him/her ain’t so bad herself.

  149. ur mom Says:

    All you guys are ignorant assholes. If you did a little research and opened your minds, instead of opening your mouths, you would know that this in no way hurts the children. In all reality, it helps them so much more. have you seen the video of one dad flipping his girl around and showing her motor skill improvement? its pretty impressive for a 4 month old child. I’ll bet money your kids cant do that.

  150. sarah Says:

    wow…..your really stupid:|

  151. Mike Says:

    I don’t like it

  152. Dan Says:

    No babes should be submitted to activities that involves risk until it has grown enough to make a decision for itself. No one has the right to put another life at risk, specially a babe.
    Pls, avoid that babe from going through that again !

  153. Anonymous Says:

    I think this is a fake. The baby’s arms and legs never seem to move position unless that Ukrainian lady manipulates them in that bizarre routine. Also you can’t see a change of skin colour in the baby at all when its being swung around , surely the neck/head area would go red from all the blood flow rushing to that area? Also that baby’s neck muscles look remarkably strong considering a newborn/small baby can’t even hold their heads up properly until they’re about 6 months old…

  154. norman Says:

    If anybody thinks this is actually real they must be dumb enough to be from the Ukraine

  155. Stanley Eaglefeathers Says:

    So my question is, what happens if the baby starts taking a s**t mid exercise?

  156. Irina Says:

    WTF lady! Put that baby DOWN! You should be in jail just for touching that child! Seriously is this crap legal? Throw her a*s in jail.

  157. you're all from youtube Says:

    funny how everyone here cares soooooo much about this video.
    1. it is obviusely a real baby, anyone who says otherwise is basically stupid, fake babies don’t move, period.
    2. she is from ukraine, so those of you who say “call child services etc etc” ukraine doesn’t give any fucks towards your american/wherever you happen to be laws.
    3. yes this is fucking terrible that someone does this to a child, especially since there appears to be no safety equipment anywhere, just a bunch of fucking rocks
    4. posting about how you are disgusted about this video and how you vomited and how this lady deserves to die is attention needy. everyone else agrees with you, and the fact that your disgusted isn’t anything special. if you really want to “help” call ukraine and file a complaint
    5 while i do not know the “benefits” if any. don’t be so quick to hate i guess. yes it’s terrible, yes she really isn’t in the right mindset or beliefs etc etc. but since i don’t really know i wont judge (much) if i get mad at this i have to get mad at everything else to that could be considered abuse, neglect, etc etc, or whatever else that comes up that is biased
    6. it’s kinda her job, while she should think of something else for a profession, the parents are the one taking the risk
    7 in closing yeah it’s dumb and stupid, and definetely borderline cruel. but honestly if you can’t think of something new to say other than “holy s**t what an evil women, kill her with guns and free the child and stop world hunger” it’s been said before so shut up

  158. Julia Says:

    Someone needs to find this sick f**k of a woman and torture her to death. Same goes for the mother and father.

  159. you're all from youtube Says:

    / \
    / \
    / \
    / \
    /__ __\
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |

    see? julia is completely against the abuse of the child (justly so) but is all for the torture and murder of the woman, and the child’s parents, while slightly hypocritical, she is posting on a comment board, and has easily lost her head, saying something that she would probably never say in public, due to being annonymous, i feel as though she didn’t read my previous comment (above hers) and skipped right to the reply box and began posting about murder and death and killing, and “sick f**k of a woman” is implying that the woman is doing it for her own benefits, it’s for the babies “benefit”, still not sure if there is one… and the parents satisfaction, while in extreme cases such as: gouging out your babies eyes will better prepare them for the world, come see me for help!!! would make her a “sick f**k of a woman” she is seriously overdramaticizing the video. personally i really hope she replies to this, because it will probably be emotional, she’ll call me a baby yoga supporter, and probably suggest that i be tortured and murdered too

  160. you're all from youtube Says:

    hmmmm, it seems my arrow was lost in translation…. yes those |,\,/, _ and = were supposed to make an arrow

  161. you're all from youtube Says:

    /__ __\
    .====~ arrow

  162. you're all from youtube Says:

    -_- i tried

  163. Pancakeus Maximus Says:

    This is bloody hilarious!

  164. Lauren Says:

    Okay 3 questions:

    1. How is that baby still alive? O__o
    2. Why didn’t it s**t all over her?
    3. Why is she allowed to do this?

    This is horrific. I mean, they tell you not to shake a baby because that’ll wreck it’s brain and this is the same thing just 10000x worse. WTF

  165. JizzleMahNizzle Says:

    Yo nigganigganigganigga I SEZ AH YO NIGGANIGGANIGGANIGGA

  166. Anonymous Says:

    you gotta crack a couple of eggs to make an omelet =/

  167. Joy Says:

    Hasn’t this woman heard of shaken baby syndrome??

  168. Demitrius Says:

    WHAT THE f**k!!!!!????????????

  169. Teartaye Says:

    Okay, for the sake of argument, let’s pretend the baby isn’t harmed (no brain injury, no dislocations, no tearing of soft tissue, etc.) and that it does help them be tougher (which is, supposedly, the point)…

    Who in their right mind would torture a helpless infant like that?! The baby is clearly terrified the entire time. She’s sobbing, she’s flailing her arms in that way they do when they’re scared and she’s trembling.

    I hope this woman sees the error of her way before she really hurts someone, and I hope the parents that let her handle their babies so roughly get them taken away and are charged with *something.*

    And to think I feel awful when I accidentally startle my son. Sheesh. Some people just should not be allowed to breed!

  170. David Says:

    She probably has s***k with cheerios in the morning too.

  171. Lee Says:

    Anyone who has ever had babies knows that the one in the video is scared to death. Babies that young do not necessarily cry when they are frightened. They tend to hold their breath and flail their arms, just as Teartaye says. And, the baby did start crying at one point….to those of you that want to argue that the baby was not, try watching the video again and actually paying attention to what the heck is going on. And, as member of the physics world, the force experienced by this baby during all the movements is enough to cause serious damage to the neck and brain of the baby, not to mention other ligaments and tendons.

  172. Lilly Says:

    Really, I do this all a time.

  173. Molly the Dog Says:

    I do this to my pups 24/7

  174. Roger the dad Says:

    I did this to my wife’s embryo, and he is now schizophrenic.

  175. Marie Says:

    This woman should be put in jail. She looks like she is enjoying it too much. I think she does this for herself.Not the baby.She’s sick.She’s a child abuser.If she lived in America, she’d be put away already. Somebody should do this to her,to she how she likes it.Shes such a freak she probably would like it.

  176. Ninarika Says:

    Jesus Christ. Does this woman not realize babies don’t have the muscles to support themselves and protect themselves during these kinds of exercises? I’m surprised it wasn’t injured.

  177. Aderyn Says:

    Jesus Christ, it’s a fake baby.

  178. Someone Says:

    Uh, no…it’s real. Look it up.

  179. Slander Says:

    I don’t see the big deal here. This woman is occupying herself a whole lot more with her baby than all you gen Y spawn had the pleasure of experiencing. The baby obviously doesn’t mind that much, he’ll get strong way before the rest of his future fellow kindergarteners, and probably a bit retarded due to internal bleeding in that fragile little head. But then again, he’ll fit right in when he moves to America as the poster-child of Baby Yoga gone awry.

  180. Runar Says:

    Look, ma! No hands!

  181. stacey Says:

    No matter what or how you look at that. its sick the baby’s bones haven’t even harden that is so sick the baby is prolly dizzy not to mention i’d say pretty darn close to shaken baby syndrome! I can’t believe she is not arrested frick go grab a doll or something to play with…the baby doesnt need fricken yoga.

  182. Anonymous Says:

    I… I think that is actually a real baby. Holy crap.

  183. Timmy B Says:

    I think that’s a guy

  184. Ukrainians??? Total diksheyts Says:

    The babay’s hucking arms and legs should have fallen off so I could see the hucking w***e’s expression of regret and remorse and surprise at how a baby’s limbs would possibly fall off when you swing it around like some lumpsheyt, in’nit??? Eh??

    Phuck you, Ukraine.

  185. Winona Hart Says:

    That baby looks totally fake, but apparently it’s real. That’s just…disturbing. I don’t care how much yoga experience she has, babies are fragile and are not supposed to be moved like that. They develop muscles by crawling and climbing up chairs, not by being swung around like a sack of potatoes.
    Oh, and I seriously love that guy who said that since all Americans are chain-smoking, crack-addicted meth-heads who enjoy murdering our children on a daily basis, we’re not allowed to criticize someone doing stupid, horrible s**t if they live in a different country. Because anti-American ranting is the only logical response to a video like this.

  186. that asshole Says:

    ok to all the haters out there you’re just jealous that u didn’t have a special bonde with ur mother like that. for that whole 5 minutes theres no way u didn’t stop to think ” LUCKY”

  187. TalkingGorilla Says:


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  190. RobRob Says:

    Good lord, that was entertaining.

    Well, only if it was a real baby.

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  192. Anonymous Says:

    This isn’t fake. Some parents mostly in asia really do this to their kids. It is fucking disgusting and a crime.

  193. Vlidamar Putan Says:

    So thats how retards are made. Interdasting…

    If it’s not fake, I can’t believe it, but this video would confirm my thesis about many women who sees a toy in their childs. A “thing” that belongs to them, can be supervised a lifelong.
    She don’t even know about centrifugal forces. It leads to an aneurysma in the brain. The baby could die easily.

  194. Ashley Says:

    How is that woman not covered in p**s, s**t and vomit?

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