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Vic Mensa – Rage

July 17, 2017


Hot Boy Turk -Stayed On The Grind

July 17, 2017


Vain @itsvain – 7th Chamber Freestyle

July 15, 2017

Police Shooutout W/Suspect In Ohio Leaves One Cop Dead [Caught On Tape]


Sheriff’s deputy Suzanne Hopper was shot and killed at a trailer park in western Ohio, Clark County Sheriff Gene Kelly said.

Hopper was investigating reports of gunfire in the area Saturday, Kelly said.

“Our deputy never had the opportunity to return fire or take cover,” Kelly said. A second law enforcement officer also was shot at the Enon Beach trailer park in suburban Springfield, Ohio. His condition is serious, but he is expected to survive, Kelly said.

Video from CNN affiliate WDTN shows the second law enforcement officer being shot. He falls to the ground and rolls before other officers help him get out of the line of fire. The unidentified suspect was shot and killed, Kelly said.

Kelly praised Hopper as an outstanding deputy. He said she was married and the mother of two children. “This is the worst day in my 24 years as the sheriff of Clark County,” Kelly said Saturday, his voice breaking with emotion. “It’s a terrible tragedy for this community.”

11 Responses to “Police Shooutout W/Suspect In Ohio Leaves One Cop Dead [Caught On Tape]”

  1. REDCLOUD Says:


  2. f**k redcloud Says:

    your a fucking scumbag man.

  3. Tiki Says:

    That’s sad! What a way for her family to start their New Year off. I pray that God gives them the strength to be strong during their time of loss. I don’t know how old her kids are but to know that they wil never see their mom again is very sad. I don’t even want to imagine.

  4. Anonymous Says:


  5. PHUKwutUthink Says:

    I really don’t like cop’s too much…but that’s kinda fu(t up.

  6. REDCLOUD Says:

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  7. D.White Says:

    Damn Red, when you get yours I pray God has mercy on you, that’s sick man. I’ve had my bad experiences with cops but I can’t wish death on no one. Hope you don’t go begging…..

  8. REDCLOUD Says:

    hey faggot I already “got mine” …. and I wasnt the one who was beggin…it ws faggots like you….f**k a pale swine whores worthless life….AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….HAPPY NY ’11….OOOOWWWWW

  9. Joe Says:

    I’m glad they killed the fucker in the trailer.. I hope to see redcloud laid the f**k out on CNN next. B***h made n***a, f**k outta here..

  10. REDCLOUD Says:

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  11. blackcloud Says:

    if the guy in the trailer really wanted to get him he woulda fire to more to the back this cop was to close and wanted to be a hero like all the rest of them ,, well today wasn’t his day ,, but did you see the rest of those cops scared as s**t … people are just fed up with cops and the justice system

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