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Bow Wow – Young Rich & Dangerous (Music Video)


Bow Wow

5 Responses to “Bow Wow – Young Rich & Dangerous (Music Video)”

  1. rockhead Says:

    song is ok… video is wack..

  2. doedi Says:

    thats what im looking for from bow wow. dont f**k around lil wayne have yo a*s in jail,and you know you a built for that my n*** starts with weed then sipping that purple stuff.before you know it you got a gun charge lil young boi. u a grown man now s**t get harsh. get money little ones,all this s**t aint fun.

  3. mrs.rere Says:

    wow hes high as hell..LMAO

  4. city Says:

    man he need to sit his a*s own he aint no gangsta

  5. city Says:

    i mean sit his a*s down he aint no gangsta dat n***a b frontin like he is

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