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American Paul Waggoner Jailed In Haiti. Accused Of Using Voodoo To Turn Baby Into Zombie

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Paul Sebring left the valley to help the people of Haiti after the earthquake in January.

He never imagined his best friend and co-worker, Paul Waggoner, who is also an American, would be jailed, accused of kidnapping a 15-month-old boy.

Now Sebring is fighting for Waggoner’s release from jail.

“We’ve literally giving up everything in our lives to come help and then this happens and we’re stuck. We need help,” says Paul Sebring.

Sebring says Waggoner was thrown in jail despite sworn testimony by an American doctor that the baby died in a hospital.

“The conditions he’s in now, I’ve been to the prison, I wouldn’t even put an animal through that,” says Sebring.

Back in February, the baby’s father brought the sick boy to the hospital and handed him to Waggoner. Waggoner didn’t treat the child and gave him to doctors. The baby died.

The father came back the next day and doctors say he saw his baby and confirmed his death — but now the father claims Waggoner used voodoo to turn the baby into a zombie, keep him alive, and sell his organs.

Linda Wagner lives in Scottsdale and is doing what she can to help. She ways Sebring and Waggoner founded a charity that has already helped between 30,000 and 40,000 people in Haiti.

“This is a very dire situation and to know that someone is being held innocent and actually proved innocent makes it even worse,” says Wagner.

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  1. Tiki Says:

    I don’t understand, I’m a bit confused on that. Is that sh*t real? The child was already seriously ill so when would he have time to…never mind. I can’t even get into that. All of that is crazy.

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