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Miraculous! Man Outruns Truck To Save His Life!


CTV footage shows the moment a man tried to avoid being run over by a fuel truck in the eastern Turkish city of Adiyaman.

The incident happened early in December but the footage has just been released by police. It shows Bekir Ozcan, 53, trying to cross the street during a red light for vehicles.

While he crosses the street, the truck starts to move forward with the driver unaware of the passing pedestrian because of the height of the truck.

Instead of crossing past the truck, Ozcan instead tries to outrun the truck.

Eyewitnesses said the driver slowed down his truck after being warned by the other pedestrians, while Ozcan managed to throw himself on the road.

The next footage shows the man laying on the ground next to the truck, while the crowd gathers around the man. Ozcam was hospitalised with minor injuries.

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  1. woodside Says:

    the s**t was only goin like 10mph… who cant out run that?!? …not news worthy

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