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Haiti Urged To Stop Anti-Cholera Voodoo Lynchings


One Response to “Haiti Urged To Stop Anti-Cholera Voodoo Lynchings”

  1. Tiki Says:

    Is that stuff really for real, that voodoo? I thought it was like a mind thing. If a person thinks that someone has put a curse or hex or whatever they call it on them, then, because a person has their mind tripping and thinking that, that is how things manifest on a person or to a person. Idk, I try to stay away from that kind of negative thinking because I have went there before. I have said that he women in my family has (I call it the Halle Berry curse) that’s sad I know. But she has the worst luck in the man dept. I don’t know why but only God knows why. But I’m going to try real hard to believe that I have not been passed down that unlucky curse. Lol. The mind is a powerful thing. Without the positive thoughts we can send ourselves on some crazy and uneccessary mind trips. I hope the people in Hati straighten everything out over there.

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