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Tekashi69 – Gummo

October 21, 2017


Rita Ora – Anywhere

October 20, 2017


Belly – Man Listen

October 19, 2017


Gucci Mane – Back On

October 19, 2017


Fresh Ft. Nyce Da Future – Light It Up

October 18, 2017

50 Cent – Sunday Morning [Audio]


Classic, soulful track from the G-Unit General 50 Cent

7 Responses to “50 Cent – Sunday Morning [Audio]”

  1. Tiki Says:

    Nice track that really sounded good. Yeah nice and soulful, relaxed and laid back. Whatever you do and touch it’s like magic with you, it turns out to be successful, it’s crazy! In a good way of course. You have that midas touch! It’s unbelievable sometimes to me. So I would love to learn anything whatever possible from you on the biz tip, I would really appreciate that. With you telling me the in’s and out’s and the best way to do things I’m sure I will be able to get to that wonderful financial place we all dream of being at or at least half way to where you’re at. Man you are just so successful. That should be your middle name too, yeah add that on after James, lol. You are true motivation. I have never seen anyone like you before. Maybe I just never paid attention to anyone like you before. To have your hand in just about everything a person can think of and it has been successful that’s a true blessing. Even if I can’t get personal advice with things from you I will definitely keep watching your biz moves and oh I guess I can read your book this guy was telling me about From pieces To Weight and whatever else that might be helpful to me. I like success type of books anyway and I have the internet too so, I’ll figure some things out. Continued blessings to you always.

  2. $$$$$$$$$$$$$ Says:

    50 this should have been on BISD n*gga!!! i don’t know who u was listening to ova there in that Interscope building but u missed out on some great tracks for that albim!!!…..”Redrum”, “I Get It In”, “They Burn Me” and half of “War Angel EP” should have been BISD album!!!

  3. d. Says:

    ummm-funny how now they r paying attention- c’ est chaud ici le g-unit-i started with your music from g-unit anthen(hit the road…)-and neva left-

  4. woodside Says:

    lmao at niggas dickriding ..this song wasnt that good …not bad ..but not great

    and tiki just need to suck this niggas d**k already …how u never see anyone like 50? ..diddy …jay …luda …just a quick 3 off the top …and 50 is payin em whos payin dre …stop it please

  5. d. Says:

    yo wood-shut the f**k off-u hypocrit softfan-taking time to tape hating s**t-f your opinion-

  6. woodside Says:

    i dont even know what the f**k u just TRIED to say but obviously u took offense to what i said bc u are one of the 50 d**k riders i mentioned.. keep suckin 50s d**k fanboy

  7. Anonymous Says:

    This is the type of Record rite here, that reminds u not to give up period….

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