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Danny Brown – Lost

July 18, 2017


Vic Mensa – Rage

July 17, 2017

Ed Lover & Maino Confront Twitter Hater In Short Hills Mall


when tweeting foul s**t goes wrong

7 Responses to “Ed Lover & Maino Confront Twitter Hater In Short Hills Mall”

  1. MACK CRANE Says:

    stooooopid b***h!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    anio is a fat f*g fucking q***r boy

  3. Anonymous Says:

    manio is a fat f*g fucking q***r boy

  4. MikeyD Says:

    I see they went at a chick al opposed to dude. These supposed to be gansters and they getting their feelings hurt via twitter.


  5. Thugminican Says:

    Yo Maino has got to be the most desperate or stupidest rapper present day. his track-record so far in this industry has been beyond wreckess and throw in P**S POOR album sales 18K? This guy is clearly delusional and is sliding down the same wrong path again. This video shows how desperate he is right now along with 50-year Ed Lover from Yo MTV raps in 1991. The so-called gangster image is questionable by running up on this 17-year old girl. She will probably graduate and go on to college to eventually make more than Maino will over a short span of 3 years. Yeah Maino is so-called living the life but the reality is it’s short term paper not LONG TERM. And the paper is “borrowed” money in the form of a record company advance. After the 5 yr window is up then what Maino…? C’mon, this guy is a Mythilogical Character like Joe budden. Just wallowing around. He brings no value to the game, he has ‘0’ talent, unoriginal and…….the clearest sign that you are outta here is when you have washed up expendable Ed Lover’50 year old a*s appearing in your daily escapades. Definitely not a good look. In fact it is career suicide. His management team has got to be the worst in the history because every move he’s made has been plain dumb except for collaborating with swizz beats and the Hi-hater single. Other than that he has very little to show for. What a fucking waste of time Maino is

  6. jason Says:

    This was sad, supposedly grown rusty-a*s 40 and 50 year old men fronting a young girl over twitter smh.

  7. jmfj Says:

    ayo thug u put sumthn on twittr and tell dat niga where u at and lets see wht yo b***h a*s due whn he run up on u…..hahaha internet thug u funy

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