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Kandi – How Could You Feel Me Pain (Music Video) (Starring Tiny)

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off the album ‘Kandi Coated’

6 Responses to “Kandi – How Could You Feel Me Pain (Music Video) (Starring Tiny)”

  1. Magoo Says:


  2. Precious Stone Says:

    auh don’t know what to say maybe i’ll watch it again.

  3. Precious Stone Says:

    the song is not bad the video is not good, all the women need to soften their appearence and not try to look so hard,they look to old to pull that off. should have been just her and maybe a couple portraying the words of the song. maybe the next single will come across better i really would like for Kandi to do well with this project.

  4. Tru2DGame Says:

    No free “air-time” for this worthless track!

  5. JJOHNson Says:

    Not a bad track but the video takes away from the music. If I heard the song on the radio I would think it was a good song but the video makes me want to say it’s only ok. Treatments are so important.

  6. Mr. Louisianimal Says:

    WTH!! What is the damn purpose of the other bitches in the video. Where is Ms. Piggy going. That video is WACK…Straight Up!!

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