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MC Hammer – Better Run Run *2011 Remix* (Music Video)


King Hammer

8 Responses to “MC Hammer – Better Run Run *2011 Remix* (Music Video)”

  1. loc Says:


  2. NOX Says:

    good lawwwd!!!

    What the f**k is wrong with Hammer and these little niggz? Does this dude actually think he struck a nerve?? Does he actually think this joint was worthy of a remix? Can somebody tell Hammer he need to blast him self? Can somebody please blast meeeee after hearing this bullshit? I’m here actually singing along with the chorus!! phaaaaaaaaaaaaack!! kill me..

  3. gunz Says:

    n***a you on crack cut the s**t hammer

  4. Calvin Says:

    He Put His Nephew & His Son On This Weak A*s Song Please Stop It Hammer

  5. incognito Says:

    Woooooow! He really got some Becky’s like it’s poppin xD

    Please Hammer…don’t hurt em 🙁

  6. dundiggy Says:

    I’d rather listen to 50 Tyson than this….that was trash f’real

  7. incognito Says:

    And who’s ol’ boy with the juicy hair?!?! LMFAO!!!

  8. OG Mike Says:

    Dang hammer let it go, u r not any good bro go back to working at mCdonalds or BM- LMFAO this s**t is WHAK

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