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Rita Ora – Anywhere

October 20, 2017


Belly – Man Listen

October 19, 2017


Gucci Mane – Back On

October 19, 2017

Sidney Starr – Im Here Now (Kat Stacks Diss)(Music Video)


ok then

11 Responses to “Sidney Starr – Im Here Now (Kat Stacks Diss)(Music Video)”

  1. incognito Says:

    Lmfao…Gross xD

  2. incognito Says:

    Sweetheart, let’s talk. Woman don’t wear all that tacky a*s s**t u wear! You’re trying too hard. Just because u dress like a chick, it doesn’t can u can step to a female. You still have ur kibbles and bits attached dear…

  3. Tiki Says:

    I can tell she is a guy more so in this video, it comes out or just shows more. That’s kind of scary that she/he be pullin men and they don’t know that she’s really a he! Hahaha that’s crazy!

  4. Gizmo Says:

    Real Talk: I dont get the whole tranny thing at all, but some REAL chicks out there r tight b/c he looks more feminne then them (damn shame). If u showed a randon person pix of Katt Stacks, Rah Digga, & Sidney Star, & asked who was the female, they’ll chose Sindey. And some men will even fuk him ova the others knowing its a dude. SAD BUT TRUE.

  5. Mike Says:

    you can tell its a male by the way it moves in this video. Might look female but moves like a gay man

  6. mrnoydb Says:

    real s**t this is almost 2011 and i really think over the next few years things are going to change even more with gays and lesbians and transexuals and all that being more mainstream and eventually one of the biggest stars will be a trans so people brace yourself get used to it and just get over it because i just know it will be that way as much as we may not want to hear it its true .As a straight man i have no problems or prejudices but i do believe in the pursuit of the american dream but she did it the wrong way by trying to out or embarrass someone in the public thats mighty corny

  7. bunzz Says:

    yeah he looks stupid..

  8. Anthony "Wolfman Jacc" Turner Says:

    This b***h looks like a man..fif this should be in the WTF section…What the f**k is the world coming to these days..

  9. cashay Says:

    this my friend go sideny…ima transexual pretty as hell to……..chicago transexuals rock…….

  10. Anonymous Says:

    yu niggaz gay for searchin too soo stfu

  11. Anonymous Says:

    all u niggas would f**k i know yall saying damn that thing is kind of cute but scared a n***a go down u fo saying that.alot of you probably google to see whats new on her so stop the flexing, i would f**k the b***h real good looks good to me thick as f**k too.

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