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Am8er Featuring Lil Kim – 10 Date Commandments (Music Video)


Lil Kim teams up with Am8er

4 Responses to “Am8er Featuring Lil Kim – 10 Date Commandments (Music Video)”

  1. YOUNG S-K Says:

    IM NOT HATEING AT ALL!!!!!!!! But F**k this song! You are teaching these young girls to just play around and be a hoe!! You say do it because you are young but what happens when they get older?? They will just be some old hoes with some beat up p***y that no one will want then. IF A FEMALE AT AGE 20 SLEEPS WITH 4 MEN A YEAR IN 10 YEARS AT AGE 30 SHE WOULD HAVE FUCKED 40 MEN THATS 40 DIFFERENT DICKS IN AND OUT HER P***Y MOUTH AND A*S!!!!!!!!! I LOVE FREAKS BUT NOT BULL S**T HOES.

  2. Leo Says:

    this s**t sucked major azz

  3. Luca Says:

    Action requires knelgodwe, and now I can act!

  4. Avenue G. Says:

    I haven’t ever seen “Kimmy Blanco” move like that. That was sexy.

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