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Wowsers! Peep G-Unit’s Model Simply Ophilia VIDEO!


Damn this is one hot woman! POW!

7 Responses to “Wowsers! Peep G-Unit’s Model Simply Ophilia VIDEO!”

  1. gosaints Says:

    what an a*s

  2. dat_guy Says:


  3. bl-w Says:

    dat jus a cute hoodrat, u can see the scars under her tits from the implants, the stretchmarks on her a*s from the cornbread, and i knowwww yall saw the acne on da bitches forehead..

  4. d. Says:

    12/10-yep-she uppercuted the roof-

  5. junior Says:

    bullshit what hot a*s or hot woman!!!!! fake boobs fake hair b***h pls!!!!!! she needs to go and work-out n get rid of all those silver strips on her her a*s. U african american’s dudes w**k too much n think ur gangsters. Gangsters dnt dress up shitty like u niggas! come south africa and see how real black kicked up gangsters dress up. Chops hahahahaha

  6. bigdog Says:

    i woul lick her a*s

  7. Anonymous Says:

    F**k all u nasty fucks!!

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