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Arson Fail! Blundering Pub Arsonist Runs Into Light Pole Trying To Escape Fire He Set

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Arsonists aren’t, generally speaking, the brightest people — you’ve got to be eight shades of dim to think burning anything down is a good idea. But one aspiring arsonist in the U.K. takes the prize for being the dumbest ever.

Amir Ali was caught on film trying to firebomb the Imperial Pub in Broadfield, Crawley, U.K. He and an accomplice are seen in footage from the scene smashing the windows with bricks before Ali’s accomplice hurls a gasoline bomb at the broken window.

Luckily for the pub owner, the bomb bounced down onto the pavement outside, briefly engulfing Ali in flames before dying out completely within seconds. Unscathed, the 28-year-old Ali and his conspirator fled the scene.

Now, fleeing is regarded by most criminals as the easy part of any crime. It’s the homestretch. In the felon’s handbook, fleeing isn’t given more than a couple of sentences — sentences Ali clearly skipped over, running as he does, headlong and at full pace, into a lamppost.

Ali then went straight to hospital, where investigating officers linked him to the crime. He was found guilty, jailed at Lewes Crown Court in August and is currently awaiting sentencing.

But enough of that — you want to see an idiot running into a pole, don’t you? Well, then keep reading.

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